Age estimation by pulp/tooth area ratio in a Korean sample on digital panoramic radiographs

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Byung-yoon Roh Chang-gyum Kim Sang-seob Lee Won-joon Lee Yo-seob Seo Ji-won Ryu Jong-mo Ahn Chang-lyuk Yoon
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Age estimation by teeth Panoramic radiography Secondary dentin
Age estimation based on the change in the size of the pulp due to secondary dentin deposition can be conducted non-invasively using radiographic photographs. Among these methods, age estimation using the pulp/tooth area ratio is highly accurate. The present study was conducted to apply this method using the panoramic radiographs of a Korean sample population and to evaluate its applicability in the Korean population. The study was conducted using panoramic radiographic images of 349 Koreans aged 20-79 years. The pulp/ tooth area ratio was calculated by measuring the area of the pulp and tooth. Teeth with a single canal, such as maxillary central incisor, lateral incisor, canine, and mandibular canine, were selected. Correlations between this ratio and age were calculated and regression formulas were derived. Age and pulp/tooth area ratio showed relatively low correlations compared with other studies. In particular, men showed lower correlations than women, and upper teeth showed a higher correlation than lower teeth. The regression formulas derived in this study also showed higher errors than those reported in other studies. Age estimation using pulp/tooth area ratio in a Korean using digital panoramic radiographs showed larger errors when compared with previous studies. Morphological diversity of tooth and pulp, indistinct anatomical details in panoramic radiograph, reduction in crown size due to attrition, and ethnic differences are believed to have affected the results.
조선대학교 치의학연구원(구 구강생물학연구소)
Byung-yoon Roh. (2020). Age estimation by pulp/tooth area ratio in a Korean sample on digital panoramic radiographs, Oral Biology Research (OBR) | Vol.44, No.4 p.127 ~ p.132
Laboratory article
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