해금산조 수업을 위한 핵심역량 중심의 지도방안 탐색

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이현주 조정은
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해금 산조 핵심역량 지도방안 haegum sanjo core competencies teaching method
The purpose of this study is to search for competency-centered Korean classical music, focusing on textbooks based on the 2015 revised curriculum, and to present guidance plans for haegeum. To this end, a total of 28 music textbooks for middle school and 10 music textbooks for high school were searched for, along with the capacity of the curriculum. In addition, textbooks containing Haegeum Sanjo and Sanjo of other musical instruments were compared and analyzed, and an expression-oriented guidance plan was presented. The results of the study are as follows. First, the presented a variety of Korean musical instruments to make Korean traditional music a daily life, and showed an increase in quantity compared to previous textbooks. Second, looking at the contents of the guidance plan for each area of Haegeum, it was confirmed that the contents of understanding of musical instruments were treated with great importance through the achievement standards of middle and high schools and teaching and learning methods. Third, the curriculum of Korean music in the 2015 music curriculum was reviewed, and the amount, content, and guidance plan of haegeum were analyzed in the textbook, and an appropriate guidance plan for the expression area was suggested.
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Exploration of Instructional Plans Centered on Core Competencies for Haegeum Sanjo Class
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Hyun-Joo Lee Jung-Eun Cho
조선대학교 교과교육연구소
이현주. (2020). 해금산조 수업을 위한 핵심역량 중심의 지도방안 탐색, 미래교육현장연구(구 교과교육연구) | Vol.41, No.2 p.58 ~ p.79
Laboratory article
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