A Study on Development Direction of Smart Pole for Smart City Construction

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Tae Yeun Kim Sang Hyun Bae
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Smart City Smart Pole Smart Street Lighting
Smart pole is one of mega trend in smart city development. It has multi-function to get as much as data from the street to better city management. And smart street lighting of smart pole as core part of smart city development is being implemented by many cities in globally. Refer to the latest edition of Navigant Research's Smart City Tracker includes smart city projects in 221 cities, a quarter of which are deploying smart street lighting ranging from initial pilots to citywide and regional deployments that span tens and even hundreds of thousands of lights. The most important feature of smart street lighting solution is "Connectivity" through the IoT technology. In order to implement the smart city, we should have so-called intelligent watchdog and mesh networked post for keeping the various smart city technology development progress and operation properly. Smart street lighting solution could be main infrastructure as an enabler for a range of smart city applications. We can talk about the expected role of smart street lighting for the smart city development on this paper.
조선대학교 기초과학연구원
Tae Yeun Kim. (2019). A Study on Development Direction of Smart Pole for Smart City Construction, 조선자연과학논문집 | Vol.12, No.1 p.1 ~ p.8
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