벨라 바르톡의 「미크로코스모스」작품에 나타난 음악적 요소별 분석 연구

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Modern music which has the closest relation with today’s history and represents the contemporary times is not very emphasized in school music textbooks, so it is not very well-known to students. Moreover, the music text book amended by the curriculum of 2009 is not sufficiently reflecting the educational situation of modern music yet. Thus, this study intends to inquire into the educational system of “Mikrokosmos” of Béla Bartók, to find improvement points of Korean modern and contemporary music education.
“Mikrokosmos” of Béla Bartók holds diverse musical elements and techniques represented by modern and contemporary music and it is a collection of works of which musical education level is systematized in phases allowing students to easily accept modern music. This collection of works constitutes modern mode, scale, chord, tone, beat, rhythm, dynamics, form and imitation according to each level. The elements are classified in accordance with the learning objective; therefore, it is a useful material applicable as a teaching material of music education in Korea. Furthermore, as an introductory book of modern music of the 21st century, its musical values are highly evaluated.
Thus, the educational values based on the analysis of musical elements can be summarized as follows: Firstly, it is possible to understand the concept of modern music. Secondly, it contributes to improving imagination and expressive power. Thirdly, it allows an approach to diverse musical elements beyond the limitations of tonal music. Fourthly, it can contribute to improving musical senses. Most of the preceding studies of “Mikrokosmos” constitute analytical studies of the works and approach of piano teaching methods. However, due to the deficiency of studies of measures regarding how to apply or teach them in the real educational field, it is estimated that systematic musical education studies are required in this context.
This study analyzed educational intentions of the composer regarding “Mikrokosmos” of Béla Bartók composed based on diverse musical elements and modern techniques, and proposes that the further studies of educational values of the teaching material should be expanded.
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A Research of Bé́́la Bartók's Mikrokosmos Analysis by Musical Element in the Works
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Ann, Jeung Eun
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 음악교육
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Table Of Contents
목 차

표목차 ⅲ
악보목차 ⅳ

I. 서론 1
1. 연구의 목적 1
2. 연구의 방법 및 범위 2

II. 이론적 배경 3
1. 벨라 바르톡의 생애 3
2. 벨라 바르톡의 시기별 특징 5
3. 벨라 바르톡의 음악적 특징 9

III.「미크로코스모스」작품의 개요 11
1. 벨라 바르톡의 「미크로코스모스」에 대하여 11
가. 악곡별 음악적 요소 12
나. 「미크로코스모스」작품의 악곡별 내용 13

2.「미크로코스모스」 음악적 요소별 분석 연구 24
가. 선법 및 음계 24
나. 화음과 음정 35
다. 박자와 리듬 38
라. 다이나믹 43
마. 형식과 모방 45
3.「미크로코스모스」 의 교육적 가치 49

IV. 결론 51

참고문헌 53
조선대학교 교육대학원
안정은. (2017). 벨라 바르톡의 「미크로코스모스」작품에 나타난 음악적 요소별 분석 연구.
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