한국의료관광의 성공적 정착에 관한 연구

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광주 의료관광 성공적 정착방안
As the medical tourism industry, which is a fusion of medical service and tourism, is recognized as a new high value-added industry of a new kind, competition between countries and cities is very intense in order to prevail in attracting foreign patients. Korea has a higher level of medical technology, lower medical costs compared to major OECD countries, with the most advanced medical equipments in the world, and the reputation due to the influence of Korean Wave, but it is a latecomer to medical tourism advanced countries. It has achieved great results in a short period of time through sustained policy promotion and active publicity marketing, and it has grown remarkably as a major medical tourism destination.
However, as various concepts of medical tourism are raised, it is necessary to establish a systematic concept of medical tourism because strategic focus can be changed depending on how the concept of medical tourism is established in Korean context or local level.
The purpose of this study is to promote and present the prospect of medical tourism in Gwangju metropolitan city. The reason for this is that while early medical tourism is primarily focused on serious medical care, it has attracted foreign customers when it has the appropriate regional cultural characteristics without requiring the latest medical technology. When these tourism products and medical services are combined, the effects can be tremendous.
Therefore, we analyzed the trend of medical tourism, the trends of major developed countries, the state of government, major local governments and medical institutions in Gwangju, medical and tourism resources, policy promotion status, and statistics of attraction performance in detail.
As a result of this study, we discovered problems of communication constraint between foreign patients and medical staff, participation of minority medical institutions, lack of medical tourism products, low awareness and lack of public relations strategy.
Therefore, this study suggests the successful settlement of medical tourism in Gwangju metropolitan city in four areas. The first is to acquire professional personnel in the field of medical tourism and to continue education.
Second, it is the administrative and financial support of local governments and medical institutions. The third is the development of specialized brands and medical tourism products. Finally, I propose a plan to improve the recognition of medical tourism in Gwangju metropolitan city.
Through this study, I hope that the medical institutions in Gwangju reduce the barriers entering medical tourism and actively participate to improve the medical level, revitalize the local economy and create more jobs.

Key words: Medical tourism industry, New high value-added industry, Professional personnel, Administrative and financial support of local governments, Development of specialized brands and medical tourism products, Raise awareness overseas
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A Research on the Successful Settlement of Korea Medical Tourism : Focused on the Gwang-Ju Metropolitan City
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Jeong, Yeonghun
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 경영학과
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제1장 서 론 1
제1절 연구배경 및 목적 1
제2절 연구방법 및 구성 5

제2장 의료관광의 이론적 고찰 6
제1절 의료관광의 개념 및 현황 6
1. 의료관광의 개념 6
2. 의료관광의 특징 9
3. 의료관광의 변화 11
제2절 국외 의료관광 현황 14
1. 태국 14
2. 싱가포르 16
3. 인도 18
제3절 국내 의료관광 현황 19
1. 정부 및 국내 주요 지자체 추진현황 19
2. 국내 의료기관 성공사례 31
3. 국내 의료관광 성장요인 36
제4절 의료관광 성공요인의 선행연구 41

제3장 광주 의료관광 현황 및 특징 43
제1절 광주 의료관광 현황 43
1. 의료자원 현황 43
2. 관광자원 현황 47

제2절 광주 의료관광 추진실태 55
1. 광주 의료관광 정책 및 사례 55
2. 광주 외국인환자 유치실적 분석 65

제4장 광주 의료관광 성공적 정착 방안 78
제1절 광주 의료관광 문제점 78
1. 외국인환자와 의료진 간 의사소통 제약 79
2. 소수 의료기관의 외국인환자 유치 참여 80
3. 광주 의료관광 상품 부재 81
4. 광주 의료관광 낮은 인지도 및 홍보전략 미흡 83
제2절 광주 의료관광 성공적 정착 방안 85
1. 전문 인력 확보 및 지속적 교육 85
2. 지자체의 행정·재정적 지원 87
3. 광주만의 특화된 브랜드 및 의료관광 상품 개발 88
4. 광주 의료관광 해외인지도 제고 및 홍보마케팅 강화 93

제5장 결 론 96

【참고문헌】 99
조선대학교 대학원
정영훈. (2018). 한국의료관광의 성공적 정착에 관한 연구.
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