신규 저가배지를 이용한 Chaetoceros속 3종 미세조류의 최적 배양 및 상업적 이용

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Optimal mixotrophic cultivation conditions of Chaetoceros species to obtain enhanced biomass and lipid productivities were investigated. The low-cost medium for cultivation of Chaetoceros species, which could be used as a food for shell-fish, were prepared by mixing f/2 medium with mud or/and food waste extract. Compared with Chaetoceros strains cultivated in a f/2 medium (used as a control), the biomass and lipid productivities of those cultivated in a f/2 medium containing mud extract increased two-fold. The biomass productivity increased three-fold when the cells were cultivated in a f/2 medium containing food waste extract, whereas lipid productivity decreased significantly. Interestingly, the biomass and lipid productivities of Chaetoceros strains increased ten times when they were cultivated in a medium containing mud and food waste (although the mixture ratios are a little bit different depending on microalgal strains). It was found that mud extract contains high concentrations of microelements, humic and fulvic acids, whereas food waste contains high concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorous and organic compounds. Fatty acid analysis was performed using gas chromatography to determine the possibility of lipid conversion to bio-diesel. After cell disruption, total lipid contents were determined and direct trans-esterification reaction was carried out. Concomitantly about 35% (w/w) lipid content was obtained after cell disruption by treatment with autoclave and microwave. In addition, the highest concentration of fatty acid methylester (FAME) was observed when 10% (v/v) sulfuric acid was used as a catalyst at 100 ℃ for 120 minutes.
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Optimum cultivation of three species of genus Chaetoceros using a novel low-cost culture medium and its industrial applications
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Kim Moonjong
조선대학교 공과대학원
일반대학원 신재생에너지융합학과
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Table Of Contents
제 1 장 서 론··························· 1
제 1 절 이론적 배경 ···························1
제 2 절 연구동향 ···························· 8
1. 국내 연구동향 ····························8
2. 국외 연구동향 ··························· 10
제 3 절 연구목적 ····························12

제 2 장 실험 재료 및 방법···················· 14
제 1 절 실험재료 ····························14
1. 미세조류 및 배지 조성 ························14
제 2 절 실험방법 ····························16
1. 종균 배양 조건 ···························16
2. 광학밀도 및 생체량 조사 ·······················16
3. 배양조건 최적화 ···························17
가. 빛의 세기에 따른 생체량 ······················17
나. 질소 농도 및 인 농도에 따른 생체량 ················17
4. 신규 배지 제조 및 비교 ·······················18
가. 음식추출액 및 갯벌 추출액의 성분 분석 ···············18
1) T-N 측정 ·····························18
2) NH4-N 측정 ····························18
3) NO3-N 측정 ····························19
4) T-P 측정 ·····························19
5) COD 측정 ·····························19
나. 갯벌추출액을 첨가한 f/2 배지에 따른 생체량 조사 ········· 19
다. 음식추출액을 첨가한 f/2 배지에 따른 생체량 조사 ········· 20
라. 갯벌과 음식 추출액을 이용한 최종신규배지 제조 ···········20
5. 파쇄 최적화 ·····························21
가. Chaetoceors 3종의 파쇄방법 최적화················· 21
나. Chaetoceros 3종의 지질 추출···················· 22
6. Gas chromatography를 이용한 chaetoceros의 지방산 분석········22
7. 에스테르교환반응 ··························23
8. 관형-광생물반응기를 이용한 Chaetoceros 의 대량배양 ··············24

제 3 장 결과 및 고찰 ·······················25
제 1 절 Chaetoceros의 생체량 및 최적 배양 조건 확인 ···········25
1. 빛의 세기에 따른 생체량 측정 ····················25
2. 질소 농도에 따른 생체량 측정 ····················27
3. 인 농도에 따른 생체량 측정 ·····················29
제 2 절 갯벌 추출액과 음식 추출액의 성분 조사 ··············31
제 3 절 저가의 신규 배지제조 ······················33
1. f/2 배지와 갯벌추출액의 혼합비율에 따른 Chaetoceros 3종의 생체량 및 지질의 생산량 조사 ······························33
2. f/2 배지와 음식추출액의 혼합비율에 따른 Chaetoceros 3종의 생체량 및 지질의 생산량 조사 ······························36
3. 갯벌과 음식물 추출 혼합액으로 제조한 신규배지 최적화 ········39
제 4 절 파쇄방법에 따른 지질 함량 조사 ··················42
제 5 절 Chaetoceros 3종의 지방산 조성 분석 ·················44
제 6 절 Chaetoceros의 에스테르교환반응 ···················46
제 7 절 광생물반응기를 이용한 Chaetoceros 3종의 미세조류 대량배양 ·····49
제 4 장 결 론 ··························52
참고문헌 ·································55
조선대학교 대학원
김문종. (2016). 신규 저가배지를 이용한 Chaetoceros속 3종 미세조류의 최적 배양 및 상업적 이용.
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