나노셀룰로오스의 미세구조와 복합소재 응용에 관한 연구

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Renewable materials have been considered as one of the candidates to replace fossil resources when environmental issues have been on the rise. Moreover, to use natural polymer materials for various industrial applications, many researchers have focused on cellulose materials, which have some remarkable benefits such as low density, high absorptivity, low cost, and biodegradability. Recently, conversion of the cellulose structure from micro- to nano-scale have been studied to enhance its mechanical, thermal and optical properties. In this study, we present fabrication methods for nanofibrilled-celluoses (NFCs) using grinder method and aqueous counter collision treatment from the micro-celluose. Between these two NFCs production methods, the grinder method is the effective means in terms of high strength. It is attributed to the NFC diameter, which is decreased as the process cycles are increased; as a result, NFCs films show higher tensile strength than raw cellulose. PLA/NFC composites were fabricated and examined the mechanical properties. The results proved that the tensile strength of the prepared composites was improved by reinforcing effect of NFCs. Therefore, this study shows that the cellulose materials can be applied to automobile, construction and household goods as eco-friendly and sustainable materials with high mechanical properties.
Alternative Title
Study on Microstructure and Application of Nanocellulose for Composite Materials
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Jin Seong Lim
조선대학교 탄소소재학과
일반대학원 탄소소재학과
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Table Of Contents
제 1 장 서 론 1
1.1 연구배경 1
1.2 연구목적 8

제 2 장 실 험 9
2.1 시약 및 시료 9
2.2 실험 방법 10
2.2.1 그라인딩방법을 이용한 나노셀룰로오스 제조 10
2.2.2 유체충돌방법을 이용한 나노셀룰로오스 제조 12
2.2.3 나노셀룰로오스 필름화 14
2.2.4 용액공정을 통한 PLA/나노셀룰로오스 분말 제조 15
2.2.5 사출압축공정 및 시편 제작 15
2.3 특성 분석 17
2.3.1 미세구조 분석 17
2.3.2 결정구조 및 열적특성 분석 18
2.3.3 기계적 물성 18

제 3 장 결과 및 고찰 19
3.1 나노셀룰로오스 제조 및 필름화 19
3.1.1 TEM 분석 19
3.1.2 SEM 분석 22
3.1.3 XRD 분석 24
3.1.4 기계적 물성 분석 26
3.2 PLA/나노셀룰로오스 복합재 29
3.2.1 SEM 분석 29
3.2.2 XRM 분석 31
3.2.3 TEM 분석 33
3.2.4 DSC 분석 35
3.2.5 기계적 물성 분석 37

제 4 장 결론 40

참고문헌 41
조선대학교 대학원
임진성. (2016). 나노셀룰로오스의 미세구조와 복합소재 응용에 관한 연구.
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