CRUDTRAN 코드를 이용한 국내 원전에서의 해체 방사선원항 예측 연구

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It has been emphasized the importance of developing source term assessment technology of decontamination and decommissioning owing to the permanent shutdown of the Kori #1, the life extension of the Wolsong #1 and the increase of deteriorated nuclear plants. This study sought the characteristics of materials of the primary system which has been the source of corrosion products based on the type of domestic NPPs. Among the nuclear plants, the study selected the Kori #1, a Westinghouse type nuclear plant to be decommissioned. For the study, the behavior mechanism of corrosion products in the primary system of the Kori #1 was analyzed, and the volume of activated corrosion products in the primary system was assessed based on domestic plant data with the CRUDTRAN code used to predict the volume. From the assessment, it was able to predict a trend of and , i.e., activated corrosion products according to the operating cycle; and the similarity was confirmed by comparing the estimated values with the code and the actually measured values. It is expected that the study would be utilized in predicting radiation exposure of workers performing maintenance and repairs in high radiation areas and in selecting the process of decontaminations and decommissioning in the primary system. It is also expected that in the future it would be used as the baseline data to estimate the volume of radioactive wastes when decommissioning a nuclear plant in the future, which would be an important criterion in setting the level of radioactive wastes used to compute the quantity of radioactive wastes.
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A study on Prediction of Radioactive Source-term from the Decommissioning of Domestic NPPs by using CRUDTRAN Code
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Hoon jo, Cho
조선대학교 원자력공학과
일반대학원 원자력공학과
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Table Of Contents
목 차

1. 서론 1
1.1 연구 배경 1
1.2 연구 목표 2
1.3 국내 상용원전별 특성 2

2. 부식생성물 8
2.1 부식생성물의 발생 8
2.2 부식생성물의 특성 11
2.3 부식생성물의 침적 12
2.4 부식생성물의 방사화 12
2.5 방사성 부식생성물의 특성 16

3. CRUD 거동 메커니즘 19
3.1 경수로에서의 부식생성물의 거동 메커니즘 20
3.2 중수로에서의 부식생성물의 거동 메커니즘 22
3.3 유체가속부식(FAC)와 피더관 관계 24

4. CRUDTRAN 코드 분석 27
4.1 CRUDTRAN 코드 소개 27
4.2 CRUDTRAN 코드 구동 인자 28
4.3 코드 선정 및 배경 37

5. 국내원전에서의 적용 38
5.1 경수로 원전 적용 38
5.2 중수로에서의 CRUDTRAN 적용 가능성 39
5.3 중수로 원전 적용 40
5.4 모델링 결과 41

6. 결론 및 제안 50

【참고문헌】 51
조선대학교 대학원
조훈조. (2016). CRUDTRAN 코드를 이용한 국내 원전에서의 해체 방사선원항 예측 연구.
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