용접후방의 냉각에 의한 용접 잔류응력과 변형 저감 효과에 관한 연구

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용접변형, 잔류응력
The problems created by welding in industrial site are deformation and residual stress. They not only cause the nonlinear deformation but also have an influence on weldability, moreover the problems are harmful that cracks could be created when using structure. At industrial sites, some postprocesses which take a lot of time and cost are conducted to fix the deformation and residual stress. Researches about deformation of welding and residual stress should be carried out to develop high value products.
In this study, research of decreasing the deformation and residual stress during welding process by a way of Heat sink with numerical analysis when welding a thin plate would be done. With a way of Heat Sink, the parameters would be changed variously to deduct an optimum condition which has the lowest deformation and residual stress. Afterwards, the numerical values of residual stress with optimum condition of Heat Sink Welding and other existing way of welding would be compared to find out the level of reduction.
As a result, the deformation for the existing welding is 2.6mm and that for the Heat Sink Welding is 0.02mm. In comparison with the existing welding, the result shows about 99% of reduction of deformation with Heat Sink Welding. In the case of residual stress, generally it is decreased more with Heat Sink Welding than the other way. Judging from the result, by applying a cooling source to the rear of a heat source of welding, the existence of the best condition that doesn’t occur the deformation is confirmed.
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Study on mitigation of welding residual stress and distortion using trailing heat sink
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Shin, Jung Su
일반대학원 용접·접학과학공학
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Table Of Contents

1장. 서론
1.1 연구 배경 및 목적 1
1.2 연구 방법 2

2장. 이론적 배경
2.1 용접 잔류응력과 용접 변형 4
2.1.1 용접 잔류응력과 용접변형의 영향 7
2.1.2 용접 잔류응력과 용접변형의 방지 및 저감 대책 8
2.2 유한요소 해석 이론 12
2.2.1 비정상 열전도의 유한요소 해석 이론 12
2.2.2 3차원 열탄소성의 유한요소 해석이론 15

3장. 유한요소 해석 모델
3.1 수치해석을 위한 유한요소 모델링 20
3.2 열원 함수 21
3.3 해석 모델 22
3.3.1 기존 용접 해석 모델 22
3.3.2 냉각 용접 해석 모델 23
3.3.3 재료의 물성치 24
3.3.4 용접 해석 조건 26

4장. 연구 결과
4.1 Bead on plate 용접 해석 결과 27
4.1.1 Bead on plate 용접 면외 변형량 및 잔류응력 해석 27
4.2 Heat sink welding 해석 결과 30
4.2.1 Heat sink welding 면외 변형량 및 잔류응력 해석 31
4.3 결과 요약 51

5장. 결 론 56
참고문헌 58
신정수. (2016). 용접후방의 냉각에 의한 용접 잔류응력과 변형 저감 효과에 관한 연구.
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