기형도 시의 물질적 상상력과 문화 콤플렉스 연구

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기형도", "물질적 상상력", "불", "물", "문화 콤플렉스
This study grasps images shown at Ki Hyeong-do poems through Bachelard’s theory of imagination.
Until now, theses having quoted Bachelard have explained Ki Hyeong-do by making relations with ‘Water’ or ‘Fire.’ However, there were not researches which looked at Ki Hyeong-do as a poet of fire or confirmed 『Black Leaf in Mouth』 like intersecting imagination of water and fire. In this regard, a research that has grasping eyesight on Ki Hyeong-do as poet of fire, and places poet’s imagination on the spot where imagination of fire and water is intersected will have a new meaning.
At this time, a summary on Bachelard’s theory of imagination which will be quoted in this thesis is necessary. Thus, theory and vocabulary are arranged in research objects and research methods of introductory part. In Bachelard’s theory of imagination, movement occurs from initial theory to the later theory called ‘Phenomenology of image.’ However, phenomenology of image has applicable limits for research methods in that it attempts subjectivity researches from subjective thought axle. So, this study uses Bachelard’s theory of imagination as a theory of objectifying materialistic imagination by limiting to ‘Theory of the Four Elements.’
Bachelard thought that writers who made literature images were connected to one of four elements. By the way, our imagination has made very similar images in certain cases. And revelation of imagination which is operated to images has directivity. It could be said as associative action by culture having been acquired in person, and designated like ‘Cultural complex.’ In other words, personal imagination cannot but be stuck by environment called culture.
Therefore, detailed methods of fire and water images shown at poems become to be understood by utilizing relevant cultural complex.
This study aims at catching how much Ki Hyeong-do grasped life and inner troubles delicately and was able to transform abundantly through imaginary actions. When participating in Ki Hyeong-do poems along with Bachelard, more intimate reading of readers would be allowed.
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A Study on the Materialistic Imagination and Cultural Complex in Poems of Ki Hyeong-do
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Jeong yusun
일반대학원 문예창작학과
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목 차

Ⅰ. 서론·······························································································1
1. 연구사 검토 및 문제제기····························································1
2. 연구대상과 연구 방법·································································8

Ⅱ. 본론·····························································································14
1. 기형도 시의 불 이미지와 문화 콤플렉스··································15
1) 프로메테우스 콤플렉스 :폭력적 세계를 드러내는 불과 빛······18
2) 엠페도클레스 콤플렉스 : 금기에 대한 저항과 죽음 충동···········21
3) 노발리스 콤플렉스 : 감정의 점화와 열감의 공유······················33

2. 기형도 시의 물 이미지와 문화 콤플렉스··································39
1) 카롱 콤플렉스 : 죽음과 불행을 내포하는 물과 눈····················41
2) 오필리아 콤플렉스 : 죽음에 대한 매혹과 존재의 소멸··············51

3. 불 이미지와 물 이미지의 결합··················································56
1) 펀치 콤플렉스 : 불타는 알코올과 침잠하는 알코올··················56
2) 문화 콤플렉스를 넘어서 : 의미들의 다성 현상·························64

Ⅲ. 결론·····························································································79

정유선. (2016). 기형도 시의 물질적 상상력과 문화 콤플렉스 연구.
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