FEM을 이용한 CFRP 설계변수에 따른 재료물성획득 연구

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탄소섬유복합재료, 유한요소해석, 재료물성획득, 설계변수, Carpet PLot
CFRP is being used in the research of lightweight components and materials in many industries such as aerospace and automotive industries. The CFRP has a number of advantages of the specify strength, specify rigidity, low thermal deformation, corrosion resistance, and vibration attenuation properties.
It is difficult to find the exact physical properties as theories because the CFRPs are varied for mechanical properties in accordance with the change of the number of stacked layers of the material striking the directional angle and laminated.
It seems that obtaining the physical properties of metal is sufficient tension test. However, in the case of the CFRPs, this should be tensile, compression and shear based on experimental basic tests. In addition, laminate methods is time consuming and costly in order to obtain the physical properties because of the way through the laminate to individually test each time such a change (for example, number of layers, the fiber array angle, etc.) and to utilize the simulation technique to predict a change in the physical property data of the CFRP lamination angle test piece for solving these problems.
On this study, the finite element analysis could predict and obtain the physical properties of the carbon fibers and the resin even if the carbon fiber laminate and the number of modified stacking angle are mixed. It verifies the reliability in comparison with the simulation result and the actual test results to predicted physical properties of the carbon fibers and the resin.
And the graphs are plotted on stacking angles in order to predict the strength and modulus of elasticity according to the change in the number of stacking and changing angle. Conclusions obtained from this study are as follows.
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Obtaining Material Property Research
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Kim Jung Ho
일반대학원 첨단부품소재공학과
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제 1장 서론
제1절 연구배경
제2절 연구동향
제3절 연구목적 및 방법

제 2장 CFRP 재료물성 획득
제1절 CFRP 물성획득 기초이론
제2절 CFRP 물성획득을 위한 기초실험
제3절 물성치 획득 결과

제 3장 설계변수에 따른 CFRP의 강도평가
제1절 CFRP 적층판의 FEM을 위한 기초이론
제2절 설계변수에 따른 CFRP 적층판의 인장실험
제3절 설계변수에 따른 CFRP 적층판의 FEM 해석결과

제 4장 결과 및 고찰
제1절 일방향 적층 시험편의 결과 및 고찰
제2절 적층각도 변화에 따른 결과 및 고찰
제3절 적층수 변화에 따른 결과 및 고찰
제4절 범용 FEM을 이용한 적층각도 변화에 따른 결과 및 고찰

제 5장 결론

김정호. (2016). FEM을 이용한 CFRP 설계변수에 따른 재료물성획득 연구.
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