한국 맞춤가구산업의 현황과 발전방안 연구

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맞춤가구, 가구산업, 표준화
Swedish furniture company IKEA (IKEA) is December 18, 2014, was advanced to the Korean market. It established the largest store of its stores in Gyeonggi Gwangmyeong. Korean furniture industry has repulsion foreign enterprises is saying to undermine the furniture market. On the other hand, consumers welcomed the expansion of IKEA's expectations would be able to purchase furniture at an affordable price.
The biggest reason that consumers excited about IKEA is that low prices. IKEA side exceeded the cumulative visitor numbers 2.2 million people in the open 3 months open only on weekdays day basis revenue is 400 million won, weekends and public holidays based on days sales reaches 10 billion, annual revenues had predicted that 200 billion level.
The biggest reason for that is because consumers are enthusiastic about Ikea prices. IKEA has lowered the price by mere design, DIY how a function center. IKEA low prices of household consumption has changed the culture of domestic consumers. This trend is consistent in one-person households Period.
In addition to IKEA, Korea custom furniture industry has become competitive with imported furniture market inevitably open, Competitive products that meet the advanced countries also in overseas markets is required.
But the reality of Korea custom furniture industry is insufficient as compared to developed countries, small independent design and development capability industry, The lack designers with expertise in each field. And many companies must compete through the development of competitive new products and improve product quality. However, due to the price of product development by relying only on one low-cost competition and imitation of the quality and reliability of consumer products have lost competitiveness away.
This externally to discredit the image of Korea custom furniture industry and has also appeared as a factor in the decrease in sales revenue. But low-cost competition among peers has been emerging as a serious problem across the industry, including companies in bankruptcy and changes in the industry.
This study was based on the expertise of academic study and long practice. By analyzing the status of custom furniture industry derives the problem was trying to derive improvements. In addition, it is necessary to support a variety of business and government, and academia. Accompanying support measures were also presented. Please custom furniture industry and academia through research is done actively. At the same time we expect and hope further development of custom furniture industry to improve international competitiveness.
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A Study on the Status and Development Plan of Korean Customized Furniture Industry
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Kim, Sang Don
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 FTA비즈니스학과
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【목 차】

제1장 서 론 1
제1절 연구의 배경 및 목적 1
제2절 연구의 방법 및 구성 2
제3절 선행연구 검토 3

제2장 이론적 배경 7
제1절 한국 가구산업의 개념 및 특성 7
1. 가구의 정의 및 분류 7
2. 한국 가구산업의 특성 및 발전과정 14
제2절 맞춤가구산업의 개념 및 특성 23
1. 맞춤가구의 정의 23
2. 맞춤가구의 특성 및 발전과정 24

제3장 맞춤가구산업의 현황과 문제점 34
제1절 해외 주요국의 가구산업 현황 34
1. 이탈리아의 가구산업 35
2. 중국의 가구산업 36
3. 일본의 가구산업 37
제2절 한국 가구산업의 현황 및 문제점 40
1. 한국 가구산업의 현황 40
2. 맞춤가구산업의 현황 51
3. 한국 맞춤가구산업의 문제점 분석 52

제4장 맞춤가구산업의 발전방안 58
제1절 표준화를 통한 발전방안 58
1. 표준화의 필요성 58
2. 맞춤가구 표준화의 발전방안 59
제2절 기업과 정부의 지원 방안 76
1. 한국 맞춤가구기업의 내부적 지원방안 76
2. 정부의 정책적 지원방안 77

제5장 결 론 85

《참고문헌》 90
조선대학교 대학원
김상돈. (2016). 한국 맞춤가구산업의 현황과 발전방안 연구.
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