표준형발전소 RPCS 동작 후 원자로 출력 및 ASI 최적제어 개선연구

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A study optimal control that Reactor power and ASI when RPCS actuated

You, Moon Chul
Adviser : Prof. Song, Jong Sun, Ph. D.
Department of Nuclear Engineering,
Graduate School of Chosun University

Nuclear power station is responsible for base load in the electricity. Other
Thermal Power Plant and will have different characteristics. Nuclear power plant
due to these properties is always the subject of interest from the public. In order to address the concern and anxiety about the safety of these people it
produced a stable power through transients in case of optimal control andHannah go halgeotyida safe driving.
Nuclear power plants, it is important to balance the output primary side and the secondary side, unlike the thermal power plant.
These outputs are multiple strains and are responsible for the ability to maintain balance, Reactor Power Cutback System(RPCS) also one the important system for transients during plant operation stable. Loss or a large load during normal operation, the main feed water pump 1 2 If the public primary consideration will stop output is higher than the secondary output. By dropping the control rods thereby instantaneously gambal the primary side power to less than 75% by RPCS operates to solve the above power imbalance.
However, except for the initial core and the reactor operation Reactor Power Cutback System ASI output and do not have precise instructions for the control,
there are difficulties. RPCS operation analyzing operational parameters in order to solve this problem, and to take advantage of the reactor core simulation analysis program was performed.
Analysis by entering the control rod initial RPCS ACEONED program and during operation, to inject the acid was seen that effective in waste generation and control core. In addition, the ASI control was found to be controllable within the operating parameters prematurely by inserting a steel rod section with a quick control rod withdrawal.
It confirmed a plan that can handle control is difficult when RPCS operates
through the ASI study the optimum, optimum reactor power control also could be confirmed.
Alternative Title
A study of optimal control that Reactor power and ASI when RPCS actuated
Alternative Author(s)
Yu, Moon Chul
(주)한수원 한빛본부
일반대학원 원자력공학과
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제 1 장 서 론 1
제 2 장 본 론 2
제 1절 원자로출력 급감발계통(RPCS) 2
제 2절 ASI 개요 11
제 3절 RPCS 동작이력 14
제 4절 문제점 검토 22
제 5절 해결방안 27
제 3 장 결 론 37

참고문헌 40
조선대학교 대학원
유문철. (2016). 표준형발전소 RPCS 동작 후 원자로 출력 및 ASI 최적제어 개선연구.
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