총혈구계산 지표를 이용한 광학현미경 고배율 시야당 적혈구 수 산정

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RBC, PB smear
Estimation of RBC number per one high power field on a light microscopy using CBC parameters
Background : It is important to calculate percentage of poikilocytes for RBC morphology grading. But it is very labor-intensive and time-consuming step to count 1,000 RBCs. Therefore, we investigated the relationship between RBC number per one high power field (HPF) and complete blood count (CBC) parameters.
Method : We selected 110 peripheral blood smear (PBS) slides showed target cell with CBC data. We captured 10 different high power field (HPF) per one PBS slide in the ideal zone by digital camera (DMC-LX5, Panasonic, Japan) through an ocular lens. All RBCs and target cells in the captured pictures were equal to one observed HPF were manually counted. We statistically analyzed the relationship between manual RBC count (mRBC) and CBC parameters.
Result : The Spearman correlation coefficient of mRBC and automated RBC counts (aRBC) was 0.957 (P <0.001). Simple linear regression was used to compare mRBC (y) and aRBC (x). The formula for regression line was : y = 58.093x + 51.885 (r = 0.947, P < 0.001 ). We calculated the estimated RBCs (eRBCs, the assumed RBCs count in one HPF) by using above formula. The equation was eRBC = 58.093× aRBC + 51.885. Two different target cell percentages were calculated by mRBCs (mRBC method) and eRBCs (eRBC method). The two different methods gave the following equation by mRBC method (y1) to eRBC method (x1): y1 = 1.128x1 – 0.116 (r = 0.995, P < 0.001)
Conclusions : The RBCs in the ideal zone observed by a light microscopy can be estimated roughly by the equation using aRBC.
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Estimation of RBC number per one high power field on a light microscopy using CBC parameters​
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Kim, Woo-Seong
일반대학원 의학과
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Table Of Contents

Ⅰ. 서론················································································3

Ⅱ. 재료 및 방법·······························································4
1. 대상···············································································4
2. 측정방법········································································4

Ⅲ. 결과···············································································5
1. CBC 및 manual red cell count 결과·····························5
2. CBC 지표들과 각 슬라이드에서 수기로 구한 적혈구 수의 평균값(mRBC) 비교·····················································5
3. mRBC와 aRBC의 선형회귀분석·········································6
4. aRBC를 이용한 현미경 한 시야 당 관찰되는 RBC 개수의 추정(estimated red cell count, eRBC)····················6
5. mRBC와 eRBC를 이용한 표적세포 백분율 계산 및 비교····················································································6

Ⅳ. 고찰···············································································7

조선대학교 대학원
김우성. (2016). 총혈구계산 지표를 이용한 광학현미경 고배율 시야당 적혈구 수 산정.
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