중증 우울증 중년여성의 관계경험에 관한 질적 사례연구

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중증 우울증 중년여성 관계경험
This study is a recurrent and severe depression in middle-aged women suffer from suicidal ideation has received repeated long period of study on the strength of the recovery that gained through any related experience within the hospital environment. Korea is currently on depression and suicide may be associated with suicide, while having a very high concern, socially significant severe depression of middle-aged women in the hospital environment lies in the blind spot is not known socially. Depressed women of middle age peculiarities of this study, the relationship between them due to the specificity of experience did not receive psychiatric care at a relatively socially was to provide a new instrument with a view through the eyes of a middle-aged woman with depressed center.
The researchers admitted to the relationship between the family and in the context of their environment, experience, experience of a relationship with the therapist, and a marginal relationship was browsing experience with qualitative case study approach. Utilizing a qualitative case study method was to analyze through storytelling in the context of complex interactions that occur to them through the subjective perception of participants whether this relationship middle-aged women experience depression in hospitalized there's experience.
Participants will have a relapse and suicidal ideation are repeated showing severe chronic depressed over the goal sampled in this current hospitalization experience of more than three months in hospital space, and this significant symptom of depression is improving compared to the hospital early the subjects were two people the final selection. Data collection is in-depth interviews and participant observation, field notes were utilized roll. Analysis method using the analysis between my analysis and case examples of Stake was to increase the reliability and validity of research results. Analysis of the experience of each study participant in my analysis of practices were common themes were derived through the analysis of two case-to case.
Related experiences of participants consisted of 6 subjects were derived narrative form and 24 sub-subject with the passage of time. Recurring depression return than life "and could not escape from recurring depression is past, dispose of my own life and self-abuse, salahgan lonely squatting down like an illusion, reflecting the time to recall their lives. 'Hospitalization is unavoidable choice' reflects the psychological process of guilt feelings about his family came to the end chidalah drawn reluctantly and was not forced to stand before the threshold of death, hospitalization conditions, the presence of depressive discarded."I blame the family" to find the cause of depression and blame from the family and they reflect the psychological process of remembering the hurt he had been hurt in the past. 'Get the strength of the recovery in the relationship "is hurt because of the relationship they had experienced growing family and relationship therapy, along with handful haejum know, through haejum acknowledged the existence reflects the process of obtaining the power of recovery. "It found myself should change 'looks at my true look through the marginal, that's just a watch discovered that the principal or his change through laying down processes and me, the hospital rather than the failure of experience leap reflecting the process of looking at it as an opportunity. Finally, 'Meet me in the original' is found positive to look back at me was distorted due to depressed me, and the original, reflecting the process of dreaming of change through a new commitment. Haejum zoom out with the family through this experience that recognizes the presence, out of haejum experience with a handful of therapists will provide the power of change to chronic depressed women showed a handful. In addition, the experience of the relationship with the people around were the subject of a chance to realize that changes in reporting back to their own.
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A Qualitative Case Study on the relationship experiences of middle-aged women with severe depression
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Yoon koung jin
일반대학원 상담심리학과
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목 차

제 1장. 서론 1
제 1절. 연구필요성 및 목적 1

제 2장. 이론적 배경 7
제 1절. 우울증에 대한 개관 7
제 2절. 중년 우울여성의 특성 및 실태 10
제 3절. 관계경험 관련 선행연구 13

제 3장. 연구방법 15
제 1절. 질적 사례연구 15
제 2절. 연구 참여자 선정 및 과정 16
제 3절. 연구환경 18
제 4절. 자료수집 19
제 5절. 자료분석 19
제 6절. 타당성 20

제 4장. 연구결과 21
제 1절. 사례내 분석 21
제 2절. 사례간 분석 27

제 5장. 해석 및 논의 67
제 1절. 중증 우울증 중년여성에게 입원과 회복의 의미 67
제 2절. 변화의 촉발요인 71
제 3절. 다시시작 72

제 6장. 요약 및 결론 73
제 1절. 요약 73
제 2절. 함의 81

참고문헌 82

조선대학교 상담심리학과 대학원
윤경진. (2016). 중증 우울증 중년여성의 관계경험에 관한 질적 사례연구.
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