전기자 분산배치 PMLSM의 단부 디텐트력 저감을 위한 보조치 최적설계

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Permanent magnet linear synchronous motor(PMLSM), which uses system resources as a permanent magnet, has a high thrust-to-weight ratio and thus is capable of high-speed and high-thrust operation in the linear motion system. Though the PMLSM has been suggested for use in the field of long-distance transport system due to this feature, it has a problem of material costs and production time increasing in proportion to the distance because of the characteristics of linear motors that the armature needs to be installed on the full length of the transport path. In order to solve this problem, an armature distribution system which has the armature installed only on acceleration and deceleration parts is proposed, to reduce the material cost and production time. However, the stationary discontinuous armatures system does not have armatures in the parts where acceleration/deceleration of the mover is not required and thus, due to its structure, there must be ends of the armatures. The armature ends significantly increases the detent force that acts as a cause of vibration and/or noise from the armature, lowering the device performance. Inspired by the shape of the double auxiliary teeth, we proposed arc-shaped auxiliary teeth that could represent the change of air-gap gradually while maintaining a simple structure of the conventional auxiliary teeth. In addition, we completed the optimal design by designating each variable for effective application of the arc-shaped auxiliary teeth.
For designing the new auxiliary teeth, Taguchi’s design of experiment was used, with which the impact of each factor on the objective function were analyzed and a model suitable for reducing the end detent force was derived. Each model was numerically analyzed using finite element method (FEM) based on 3-D numerical analysis.
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Optimal Design of Auxiliary Teeth for Reducing End Detent Force of Stationary Discontinuous Armature PMLSM
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Kim, Min Seok
일반대학원 전기공학과
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Table Of Contents
목 차

Ⅰ. 서 론 1

Ⅱ. 이론적 고찰 3
A. 장거리 반송시스템 영구자석 선형 동기전동기 3
1. PMLSM의 동향 3
2. 장거리 반송용 PMLSM 4
B. 전기자 분산배치 PMLSM 6
1. 전기자 분산배치 시스템 6
2. 전기자 분산배치 PMLSM의 특성 7
3. 전기자 분산배치 PMLSM의 디텐트력 9

Ⅲ. 단부 디텐트력 저감을 위한 보조치 모델링 11
A. 아크형 보조치 형상 11
B. 아크형 보조치의 형상 변수에 따른 설계 12

Ⅳ. 실험계획법에 의한 고찰 15
A. 다구치 계획법을 이용한 보조치 설계 및 분석 15
1. 실험계획법 15
2. 직교배열표 및 주효과 그래프 분석 17
3. S/N비 및 변수의 기여율 분석 19
B. 아크형 보조치의 최적 형상 20
1. 교호항을 고려한 아크형 보조치의 최적 모델 20
2. 회귀분석을 이용한 보조치 최적 설계 검토 23
3. 추정 회귀식의 적합도 판별 25

Ⅴ. 결 론 28

조선대학교 대학원
김민석. (2016). 전기자 분산배치 PMLSM의 단부 디텐트력 저감을 위한 보조치 최적설계.
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