웨어러블 디바이스를 위한 주조법 기반 마찰전기 발전소자

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In this study, fabricated an efficient triboelectric generator (TEG) using inexpensive materials that are readily available in our surroundings. By casting polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), perform micropatterning on the surface of a sandpaper. Use aluminum foil as an electrode and electrified body. To improve the durability and resilience of the aluminum foil, use a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film. PET / Al electrodes may act on the bottom and top performing the role of an electrode, and at the same time as an electrified body. Applied an external force of 1 N using the pushing tester on the TEG created using the PDMS, and then connected an external resistor to confirm the output power. Based on the patterning TEG, confirmed that there was an increase in the output voltage by a factor of about 10 times compared to the flat TEG’s output voltage of 15 V. Turned on 79 LEDs by hand pushing, and produced an output voltage of more than 250 V. In addition, turned on 39 LEDs by performing a bending test with an average output voltage of more than 100 V.|본 논문에서는 주변에서 쉽게 구할 수 있는 재료들을 이용해 저렴하고 효율적인 마찰전기 발생장치를 제작하였다. PDMS를 사포표면에 주조(casting)하여 마이크로패터닝 하였고, 알루미늄 호일을 대전체와 전극으로 사용하였다. 알루미늄 호일의 내구성과 복원력을 향상시키기위해 PET film을 사용하였다. PET/Al은 바닥(bottom)에서 전극역할을하고 있고, 천장(top)에서는 전극 및 대전체 역할을 동시에 수행하고있다. 마이크로패터닝된 PDMS를 이용하여 제작한 마찰전기 발생장치(TEG)를 푸싱테스터(pushing tester)의 지금 1 cm의 팁(tip)을 이용하여1N의 힘으로 외부압력을 가하였고, 외부 저항을 연결하여 출력 전력을확인하였다. 마이크로패터닝된 마찰전기 발생장치(TEG)의 출력 전압은평평(flat)한 것에 비해 약 10배 증가하는 것을 확인하였다. 손바닥을이용하여 위에서 아래로 힘을 가했을 경우 250 V 이상의 출력 전압을얻어 내어 79개의 LED를 작동하였다. 또한, 구부리는(bending) 실험을통해 평균 100 V 이상의 출력 전압을 얻어 내어 39개의 LED를 작동시켰다.
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Triboelectric Generator for Wearable Devices Fabricated by Casting Method
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Chang Jun Lee
일반대학원 IT융합학과
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Table of Contents ··················· i
List of Figures ··················· ii
Acronyms ······················ iii
Abstract(English) ·················· iv
Abstract(Korean) ··················· v
I. Introduction ···················· 1
II. Experimental details ··············· 4
III. Results and discussion ·············· 7
IV. Conclusion ···················· 15
References ······················ 16
List of Publications ················· 20
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이창준. (2016). 웨어러블 디바이스를 위한 주조법 기반 마찰전기 발전소자.
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