오정희 소설에 나타난 작중인물의 탈주욕망 연구

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오정희, 탈주, 욕망, 탈주욕망, 바람의넋, 가부장, 억압기제, 생성, 죽음, 외출
In this thesis, Oh Jung-hee’s novels are analyzed, by focusing on ‘desire for flight’ portrayed in the characters. In chapter Ⅱ, since discussion of ‘repressive mechanism of desire’ precedes that of ‘desire for flight’, relations between the contemporary situation under such mechanism and the individuals in the era are examined in advance. Along the analysis, it is premised that Korean society in the 1970s and the characters living in that can be seen a paranoid society and paranoid schizophrenics respectively. ‘Desire for flight’ of them, who are oppressed and exploited under the paranoid society, is an inevitable result, whereas the psychological aspects affected are different by genders. Differences in causes and symptoms portrayed in his novels would be the center of the discussion.
In chapter Ⅲ, centering on ‘desire for flight’, desires experienced by the characters and their happening order are discussed. The desires are able to be divided into three types. The first type to be discussed would be ‘desire for flight from death’, provoked after characters witnessing other’s death. It is a desire of escaping from physical and ontological death which suppresses oneself. The discussion is then followed by ‘desire for flight’, formed after ‘desire for flight from death’. It is a desire of desertion in methodological context, demonstrated by characters who want to migrate to a new territory allowing them to flee from death. Lastly, ‘desire for creation’ would be discussed. ‘Desire for creation’ is a desire newly provoked after the characters that have had ‘desire for flight’ surmounting fear of ontological death. This thesis ascertains ‘desire for creation’ as a willpower overcoming a pessimistic world view, the common theme of Oh Jung-hee’s novels and the consciousness of Oh Jung-hee as a writer.
In chapter Ⅳ, 「The soul of wind」, a novella by Oh Jung-hee would be analyzed based on the previous analysis. This would be a confirmation of whether the analysis tool constructed is valid or not when comprehending works portraying Oh Jung-hee’s personality.
Alternative Title
A study on the desire for flight of the characters in Oh Jung-hee’s novel
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Ha, In Sun
조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 문예창작학과
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론 1
1. 연구사 검토 및 문제제기 1
2. 연구의 시각 7
Ⅱ. 시대적 억압기제와 개인의 욕망 9
1. ‘편집증적 사회’와 ‘분열증적 인간’ : 대립구도의 본질 9
2. ‘수몰지역의 댐’과 ‘불능의 남성’ : 남성억압기제와 억압 양상 11
3. ‘아버지의 집’과 ‘훼손된 여성’ : 여성억압기제와 억압 양상 17
Ⅲ. 욕망의 유형과 구조 25
1. ‘최초의 기억’과 ‘최초의 욕망’ : (죽음)회피욕망 25
2. ‘유토피아’를 꿈꾸며 : 탈주욕망 33
3. ‘순례자의 뜰’과 ‘파종’의 시간 : 생성욕망 41
Ⅳ. 「바람의 넋」 분석 46
Ⅴ. 결론 65
조선대학교 대학원
하인선. (2016). 오정희 소설에 나타난 작중인물의 탈주욕망 연구.
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