셀레길린(selegiline)을 함유한 새로운 경피흡수제제(TDDS)의 개발

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Abstract: Selegiline transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS) of drug-in-adhesive matrix type was developed using acrylic-rubber hybrid pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). The permeation rate of selegiline was the highest from silicone, followed by acrylic-rubber hybrid, acrylics. Although the permeation rate of silicone PSA was higher than that of acrylic-rubber hybrid PSA, the cold flow of silicone PSA was unacceptable. When the drug concentration was increased from 3.5 to 8% w/w of polymer weight, the drug permeation rate also increased proportionally. The correlation coefficient (R2) between selegiline content in the TDDS and the average cumulative amount permeated was 0.999. When the stability study of the TDDS was carried out at the accelerated condition of 40°C/75% relative humidity for 12 weeks, nosignificant changes in both the physical appearance and the drug content were observed. The drug permeation rate from the TDDS was much higher than that from Emsam®. The average cumulative flux of selegiline from the TDDS was 2 times higher than that from Emsam®.

Keywords:Selegiline, Drug-in-adhesive matrix, Acrylic-rubber hybrid PSA, Transdermal drug delivery.
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Development of transdermal drug delivery system of selegiline
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Choi Seung Hyuk
일반대학원 약학과
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제1장 서 론 1
제1절 경피흡수제제의 기원 1
제2절 경피흡수제제의 장점 3
제3절 경피흡수제제 개발 대상 약물의 조건 4
제4절 물리화학적 특성의 예측과 피부 투과도와의 상관관계 6
1. 분배계수 또는 지용성의 예측 6
2. 분배계수와 피부투과도의 상관관계 7
제5절 광학이성체의 경피흡수 10
참고문헌 14

제2장 셀레길린을 함유한 경피흡수제제의 개발 16
제1절 서론 16
제2절 재료 및 방법 17
1. 재료 및 시약 17
2. 실험방법 17
2-1. 셀레길린을 함유한 감압점착제 매트릭스 제조 17
2-2. 피부막 제조 18
2-3. In vitro 투과 실험 18
2-4. 분석방법 19
2-5. 안정성 실험 19
2-6. 데이터 정리 20
제3절 결과 및 고찰 20
1. 약물형태의 영향 20
2. 건조조건의 최적화 20
3. 점착제의 영향 21
4. 약물농도의 영향 22
5. 안정성 시험 23
5. Emsam®제품과 약물투과도 비교 23
제4절 결론 24
참고문헌 25
조선대학교 약학대학원
최승혁. (2016). 셀레길린(selegiline)을 함유한 새로운 경피흡수제제(TDDS)의 개발.
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