건축자재 재사용을 위한 RFID 관리시스템

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Using the radio wave, RFID(: Radio Frequency IDentification) wirelessly transmits the unique information saved in a tag attached on the specific object. The study and experiment of the conventional construction management system based on RFID only focus on for managing the used amount and location of the construction materials in the construction stage, but they do not consider the status management system for the recycling materials in the construction stage or the building deactivation. Also, the management system with a function of identifying and managing the location information of the construction materials, employing RFID for reusing it, is not actively developed.
In this thesis, we propose the effective RFID system for managing the status of the construction materials during the construction stage or the building deactivation. Employing RFID with the frequency of 900MHz, the proposed system consists of the reader unit, communication unit, and memory unit. In addition, we propose the system with a function of estimating and saving the location information of the specific construction materials, based on the estimated distances between the sub distance measurement unit and reader. The localization algorithm employed in this thesis is based on traditional TOA(: Time of Arrival) trilateration technique.
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RFID management system for the reuse of construction materials
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Kim, TeaYun
일반대학원 전자공학과
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제1장 서론 1
제1절 연구배경 1
제2절 연구목적 및 방법 2

제2장 건축자재 재사용을 위한 RFID 관리시스템 3
제1절 RFID를 활용한 건설자재 관리 선행연구 4
제2절 건축자재 관리를 위한 RFID시스템 5
1. 건설자재용 RFID 주파수 선정 5
2. 시스템 구조 6
3. 테스트 베드 제작 11
4. 테스트 21
제 3절 위치정보 획득 29
1. 위치추정 모델 29
2. 거리측정 실험 30
3. 성능평가 33

제3장 결론 38
Reference 39
조선대학교 대학원
김태윤. (2016). 건축자재 재사용을 위한 RFID 관리시스템.
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