QUAL2E 모형을 이용한 비점오염원의 영향 분석

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The water quality in korea is being deteriorated due to the increase of various pollutants and increase of the non-point sources. In particular, although the processing efficiency for point sources but only goes higher, non-point sources are not separated because the spills and discharge of pollutants clearly route processing efficiency is poor becoming increasingly increased impact on water quality. Therefore, developing a quantitative method for the removal and pollution loading amount calculations for non-point sources and non-point sources, is very necessary to research in water management.
The purpose of this study is to analyze the water quality of the non-point sources for Hoesong stream using QUAL2E model, and the effects of non-point source pollution abatement facilities. The process is as follows.
First, In the QUAL2E model, the Hoesong stream watershed was divided into 17 reach and 143 elements. Each element has the size of 0.2 km. Second, the input variables of the model were estimated by considering the measured values. Also investigated with respect to two cases were in according on the weather conditions. Third, analysis the effect of Non-point source pollution abatement facilities at installation in SS(Suspended Solid), DO(Dissolved Oxygen), BOD(Biochemical Oxygen Demand), TN(Total Nitrogen) and TP(Total Phosphorus).
Based on the analyses, the follwing are the conclusions of the study.
after implementing non-point pollutant source measure, when it is fine weather, pollutant load is expected to decrease 42.1, 43.6, 32.6, 50.0% in SS, BOD, TN and TP. If non-point pollution management measure is implemented, water quality is improved from Ⅲ grade to Ⅱ grade. In consideration of this point, when it is fine weather or rain, it can be supposed to be set target water quality differently and considered the effect of non-point pollutant source.
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Effects of non-point pollutant sources using QUAL2E model
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Na, Jae Sun
일반대학원 토목공학과
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Table Of Contents
목 차


Ⅰ. 연구 배경 및 목적 1

Ⅱ. 이론적 고찰 3
1. QUAL2E모형의 이론적 배경 3
1) QUAL2E모형의 개요 3
2) 모형의 기본 이론 3
3) 모형의 구성요소 9
4) QUAL2E모형의 적용 사례 21
2. 비점오염저감시설의 설치 및 관리 23
1) 비점오염원의 정의 및 종류 23
2) 비점오염원 관리시설 종류 24
3) 비점오염원 저감시설 처리효율 26

Ⅲ. 대상하천의 선정 28
1. 모의 구간 28
2. 수질측정 31

Ⅳ. 하천 수질 모델링 32
1. 수질측정 결과 32
1) 청천시 32
2) 강우시 33
2. 모델의 보정 34
3. 모형의 보정결과 37
1) 강우시 37
2) 청천시 41
3) 보정결과 분석 45
4. 비점오염원 저감 대책 시행시 효과 예측 47
1) 청천시 47
2) 강우시 51
3) 비점오염원 저감 대책 시행 효과 분석 55

Ⅴ. 결론 57

참 고 문 헌 59

감사의 글 62
나재선. (2015). QUAL2E 모형을 이용한 비점오염원의 영향 분석.
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