전략적 디자인컨설팅을 위한 디자인개발 프로세스 관리 모형

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Various design process have been developed according to the variety of design methodology and to the activation of recent design industry as knowledge-service one. Moreover, clients require various design consulting service as well as single project-based design development as their needs become diverse. However, there has been little study on the logical tool to clarify the various goal of design development in order to suggest strategic design consulting services to clients from the perspective of design consultancies.
Design consultancies need to develop appropriate process clarifying clients' various goals of design development for effective design project management as a way of strategic design consulting. Therefore, it's timely necessary to perform fundamental research on methodology guiding design consulting based on the goals of design development. From the academic point of view, it's essential to categorize the goals of design development and from the practical one, it's necessary to suggest logical design development processes according to the various goals of design development.
This study suggested management model for systemic design project through literature review in order to show the relationship between the goals and process of design development by categorizing the goals of design development. To suggest the management model for design development project, the study established design development framework containing 22 goals of design development which were categorized into 4 groups(BC groups, BM groups, PC groups, PM groups) through homogeneity analysis for 55 key-words extracted from literature review. Based on this framework, this study suggested the methodology of design consulting process according to 22 goals of design development. Design consulting process was defined as 9 steps and methodology for design consulting process according to 22 goals of design development was practically specified through literature review. To summary, this study shows that design process should be different according to the goals of design development. Even the design process in the same group may differ according to the goals.
It' expected to perform effective design project management, to have expertise and to raise reliability for clients if design consultancies carry out strategic design consulting services through utilizing this model suggested in this study as design development process specified by the goals of design development.
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Design Development Process Management Model for Strategic Design Consulting
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Lee, Nam Hee
일반대학원 창의공학디자인융합학과
Table Of Contents
제1장 서론 2
제1절 연구의 배경 및 목적 2
제2절 연구의 구성 3

제2장 디자인컨설팅의 이론적 연구 6
제1절 디자인 기업의 변화 7
1. 디자인 패러다임의 변화 7
2. 디자인전문회사의 등장 10
3. 디자인전문회사의 유형 12
4. 디자인전문회사의 변화 14
제2절 디자인컨설팅의 개념 16
1. 디자인컨설팅 산업의 출현 16
2. 디자인컨설팅의 개념 19
3. 디자인컨설팅의 영역 22
제3절 디자인컨설팅 프로세스 선행연구 고찰 25
1. 선행연구에서의 디자인컨설팅 프로세스 26
2. 국내 디자인전문회사의 디자인 프로세스 31
3. 국외 디자인전문기업의 디자인 프로세스 35
4. 디자인컨설팅 프로세스 종합 분석 42
제4절 전략적 디자인컨설팅의 필요성 43
1. 전략적 디자인컨설팅의 정의 43
2. 전략적 디자인컨설팅의 필요성 44

제3장 디자인개발 목적 모형 개발 48
제1절 디자인개발 목적 분류 고찰 49
1. 디자인개발 목적 추출 49
2. 동질성 분석 62
3. 디자인개발 목적 항목 추출 결과 69
제2절 디자인개발 목적 유형 분류 프레임워크 71
1. Corporate – Market 축 72
2. Brand – Product 축 72
제3절 디자인개발 목적 유형 73
1. BC 유형 (Brand-Corporate 유형) 74
2. BM 유형 (Brand-Market 유형) 75
3. PC 유형 (Product-Corporate 유형) 76
4. PM 유형 (Product-Market 유형) 77

제4장 디자인개발 목적 유형별 디자인컨설팅 프로세스 개발 79
제1절 디자인개발 목적 유형별 디자인컨설팅 프로세스 개발 79
1. 디자인컨설팅 프로세스 구축 80
2. 디자인컨설팅 프로세스 단계별 정의 81
3. 디자인개발 목적 유형별 디자인컨설팅 프로세스 제안 84
제2절 디자인개발 목적 유형별 디자인컨설팅 프로세스 절차 및 방법론 제안 86
1. BC 유형 프로세스 86
2. BM 유형 프로세스 93
3. PC 유형 프로세스 100
4. PM 유형 프로세스 110

제5장 결론 117
제1절 연구의 결과 117
제2절 연구의 시사점 119

참고문헌 121
조선대학교 대학원
이남희. (2015). 전략적 디자인컨설팅을 위한 디자인개발 프로세스 관리 모형.
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