건강기능식품 중 달맞이꽃종자추출물, 크레아틴 및 히알루론산 시험법 최적화에 관한 연구

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Abstract: As specific and generic health/functional food items have been expanded, this research project has been conducted to prepare a scientific and systematic standardized analytical method of relevant food items, examine the suitability of the analysis method for health/functional foods on sale, and monitor standards and specifications. As for research items, selected was one health/functional food items (Evening primrose extracts), which is announced, but whose analysis method is not determined, and two items (creatine monohydrate, hyaluronic acid) necessary for development and verification of a analysis method in accordance with clause 1 of Article 14 of 「Law for Health Functional Foods」under which if the same items among generic health/functional food items are recognized a lot, their analysis method should be developed and verified for announcement before health/functional food code registration. Also, in accordance with clause 2 of Article 15 of 「Law for Health Functional Foods」, data related to safety and functionality of raw materials or ingredients were received from a manufacturer, and then the functional (index) ingredients found in the health/functional foods' functional raw materials certificate were selected. For the 4 types of functional (index) ingredients of the selected 3 items, AOAC guidelines proposed applicability, selectivity, calibration, accuracy, repeatability precision, measurement uncertainty, reproducibility precision, limit of detection and limit of determination were conducted, and satisfying results were drawn from all types. Therefore, the test method for the research items is considered to be applicable). The standardized test method was used to monitor the standards and requirements of 33 cases in 3 items on sale. The monitoring result showed that the test method was suitable for all cases. Therefore, it is considered that manufacturing and selling of research items are safely managed. With the use of the study results, this researcher tries to propose the standardized analysis method for functional(index) ingredients in health/functional foods to domestic test institutes and other relevant institutes, and thereby secure the capability to perform follow-up management and standardized test on raw material approved products.
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Optimization of analytical methods development for evening primrose extracts, creatine and hyaluronic acid in health functional foods
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park sang wook
일반대학원 식품의약학과
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제1장 서 론 1
제1절 고시형 품목 기능적 특성 5
1 달맞이꽃종자추출물 5
제2절 개별인정형 품목 기능적 특성 7
1 크레아틴모노하이드레이트 7
2 히알루론산나트륨 9
제2장 재료 및 방법 11
제1절 실험재료 및 기기 11
1 시료 11
2 시약 및 분석기기 11
제2절 기능(지표)성분 분석방법 표준화 및 검증방법 12
1 기능(지표)성분 분석방법 표준화 12
2 밸리데이션 검증 항목 12
제3장 결과 및 고찰 19
제1절 기능(지표)성분 분석방법 표준화 수립 19
1 달맞이꽃종자추출물 제품 중 Total polyphenol 19
2 달맞이꽃종자추출물 제품 중 Penta-O-galloyl beta-D-glucose 21
3 크레아틴 보충제 중 Creatine, Dicyandiamide, Dihydrotriazine 24
4 히알루론산 보충제 중 Hyaluronic acid 27
제2절 기능(지표)성분 밸리데이션 검증 30
1 달맞이꽃종자추출물 중 Total polyphenol 30
2 달맞이꽃종자추출물 중 Penta-O-galloyl beta-D-glucose 54
3 크레아틴 보충제 중 Creatine, Dicyandiamide, Dihydrotriazine 82
4 히알루론산 보충제 중 Hyaluronic acid 124
3절 유통 중인 건강기능식품 모니터링 결과 154
1 검체 선정 및 수거 현황 154
2 모니터링 결과 156
제4장 요 약 164
참 고 문 헌 167
박상욱. (2014). 건강기능식품 중 달맞이꽃종자추출물, 크레아틴 및 히알루론산 시험법 최적화에 관한 연구.
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