운전자의 생활습관이 음주운전의도에 미치는 영향

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This paper investigated various factors influencing the intentions of drink-driving from multiple perspectives, in order to uncover ways to reduce the number of motor accidents caused by drink-driving. The paper examined sociopsychological aspects as well as driver’s life styles such as smoking and exercise, in addition to attitude, regulation and sensory perception of control suggested by behaviour theories. In addition, this paper comparatively studied reinforcement theory by B.F. Skinner and drivers license policies. Set out below is synopses of findings.

Perception of behaviour controls among drink-drivers’ sociopsychological characteristics had the highest influence on the intentions of drink-driving, followed by influence of smoking and exercise on the intentions of drink-driving. This finding indicates that drivers’ life style such as smoking or exercise influences more on the intentions of drink-driving than attitude toward drink-driving or subjective regulations, which affirms that drivers’ life style such as smoking or exercise has significant effects on the intentions of drink-driving.

Therefore, it is concluded that rehabilitative curriculum for drink-drivers should include a program to diminish drink-driving through quitting and exercise.

Additionally this paper recommended the stipulation of negative reinforcement to disqualified drives due to drink-driving, following the comparative study of Skinner’s reinforcement theory and drivers license policies.
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Drinking and Driving intention ; the influence of smoking and exercise
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lee ki-hyeong
일반대학원 전산통계학과
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Table Of Contents
제1장 서론 1
1.1 문제제기 및 연구의 필요성 1
1.2 음주운전 실태 2
1.3 음주운전의 개념 및 법적요건 4

제2장 국내외 선행연구 분석 6
2.1 음주운전자의 특성 6
2.2 억제이론 6
2.3 수치이론 7
2.4 음주운전과 계획된 행동이론 8
2.5 음주운전 행동 설명에 중요한 다른 요인들 9

제3장 도로교통법의 음주운전 규제정책과 그 한계 11
3.1 음주운전 규제정책 11
3.2 운전자 규제정책과 그 한계 12
3.3 스키너의 강화이론과 운전면허정책 14

제4장 도로교통공단의 음주운전 교육정책 17
4.1 음주운전 교육의 변화 17
4.2 음주운전 교육과 교육내용 17

제5장 음주운전에 영향을 미치는 심리사회적 요인들과 건강요인 19
5.1 연구방법 19
5.2 자료분석방법 25
5.3 연구결과 25

제6장 결과요약 및 논의 33
조선대학교 대학원
이기형. (2014). 운전자의 생활습관이 음주운전의도에 미치는 영향.
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