Simulink를 활용한 3D 가상 제품의 UI 행동양태 재사용 및 시뮬레이션 방안

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With the recent advances in a computer technology, a virtual prototyping (VP) has been considered as a promising concept to meet various and difficult requirements for new product development. To realize the VP of digital products faithfully, it is very important to provide the people involved in product development with the realistic visualization and tangible interaction of the products, and the vivid simulation of user interface (UI) functional behaviors.
Especially, for the simulation of the UI functional behavior of a digital product in a 3D virtual environment, it is required to capture the functional behavior of the product, to represent it in some ways, and to utilize it with a finite state simulator in the virtual environment. In a conventional approach to a UI functional behavior simulation, UI designers use software tools for 2D UI design to generate the UI functional behavior of a digital product of interest. Due to lack of reusability of the UI functional behavior, VP developers need to analyze and integrate it into a VP system for its simulation in the 3D virtual environment. As this approach hinders the effective communication between the UI designers and the VP developers, it is very likely to create errors and thereby it takes significant time and effort, especially when it is required to represent the UI functional behavior to the finest level of detail.
In this thesis, in order to overcome the shortcomings of the conventional approach, we propose a new approach for reuse of UI functional behaviors of 3D virtual prototypes and their simulation in a 3D virtual environment. The approach adopts Simulink (developed by MathWorks) as a software tool to generate the UI functional behaviors of digital products, and facilitates a socket connection between Simulink and a target VP system, which plays a key role to reuse the UI functional behaviors easily and accurately for their simulation in the 3D virtual environment. Based on the approach, a VP system has been developed and applied for the design evaluation of various products. To show the usefulness of the proposed approach, we have conducted a case study about the design evaluation and obtained encouraging feedback from the users involved in the design evaluation. We highly expect that the proposed approach can greatly reduce time and effort required for developing the VP system, enhancing the process of product design and development.
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Reuse and Simulation of UI Behaviors of 3D Virtual Prototypes using Simulink
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Deuk-Young Park
일반대학원 산업공학과
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Table Of Contents
제1 장. 서 론 1
1.1 연구 배경 1
1.2 연구 목적 3
1.3 논문 구성 3
제2 장. 가상 제품의 행동양태 시뮬레이션에 대한 기존연구 4
2.1 3D 가상 시작의 요소기술 4
2.1.1 시각화 방법 4
2.1.2 제품-사용자 간의 상호작용 7
2.1.3 UI 행동양태 9
2.2 행동양태 시뮬레이션에 대한 기존연구 10
2.2.1 2D 기반 UI 행동양태 시뮬레이션 10
2.2.2 3D 기반 제품 행동양태 시뮬레이션 13
제3 장. Simulink를 이용한 제품 행동양태 재사용 및 시뮬레이션 방안 16
3.1 제안된 제품 행동양태 재사용 및 시뮬레이션 프로세스 16
3.2 Simulink를 이용한 2D UI 행동양태 시뮬레이션 17
3.2.1 행동양태 저작 18
3.2.2 2D GUI 설계 19
3.2.3 2D UI 행동양태 시뮬레이터 구현/검증 21
3.3 UI 행동양태 재사용 및 가상제품 시뮬레이션 23
3.3.1 Simulink와 3D 가상제품 간의 소켓통신 23
3.3.2 3D기반 제품 행동양태 저작 24
3.3.3 3D가상제품 행동양태 시뮬레이션 25
제4 장. 시스템 구현 및 적용 30
4.1 시스템 구현 30
4.2 휴대용 전자제품에 대한 가상시작 적용 33
제5 장. 결론 및 토의 36
참고 문헌 38
감사의 글 42
조선대학교 대학원
박득영. (2014). Simulink를 활용한 3D 가상 제품의 UI 행동양태 재사용 및 시뮬레이션 방안.
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