Improved Target Detection and Tracking Techniques for Moving Objects with IR-UWB Radar

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응구엔 반한
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Object detection, localization, and tracking are important for the purposes of rescue, surveillance, and security applications. Generally, these techniques are based on Global Positioning System (GPS), and/or Radar systems. However, in indoor environment, GPS and Radar system cannot apply because they have high error. In recent years, Ultra Wide-band (UWB) has become a possible solution for object detection, localization, and tracking in indoor environment, due to its high range resolution, compact size, and low cost.
This thesis work presents the improved target detection and tracking techniques of moving objects with Impulse Radio UWB (IR-UWB) Radar in a short range indoor area. This purpose is archived through several signal processing steps such as: clutter reduction, target detection, and target tracking. In the clutter reduction step, a method using Kalman Filter (KF) is proposed. In the target detection, the modification of conventional CLEAN algorithm is applied. After that, the output is fed up the target localization and tracking step in which the target distance and location will be determined and tracked in 1 dimension and 2 dimensions, respectively. In each step, the proposed and/or modified methods are evaluated in comparison with the conventional methods to show their performances. To evaluate the performances of various methods, the experiments are made with real IR-UWB radar in different scenarios. Then, the raw data are processed with these signal processing steps. The results verify that the proposed methods can improve the probability of target detection and tracking efficiently.
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IR-UWB Radar를 이용한 향상된 이동 물체 탐지 및 추적 기법
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Nguyen Van Han
Department of Information and Communication Engineering
일반대학원 정보통신공학과
Pyun Jae-Young
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Table Of Contents
Table of Contents i
List of Figures iii
List of Tables iv
Acronyms v
Abstract (English) vi
Abstract (Korean) viii

I. Introduction 1
A. General overview 1
B. Objectives 2
C. Thesis contribution 2
D. Thesis organization 3

II. Background 5
A. Ultra Wideband 5
1. Brief historical development of UWB 5
2. Definition of UWB 6
3. UWB regulations 8
4. UWB advantages and disadvantages 9
5. Applications of UWB 11
B. Impulse Radio UWB Radar 11
1. IR-UWB principles 12
2. Novelda IR-UWB radar features and parameters 15
C. Signal processing for moving target detection, localization, and tracking using IR-UWB radar 16

III. Signal processing for improved target detection and tracking of moving objects based on IR-UWB radar 19
A. Raw data and pre-processing 19
B. Clutter Reduction 20
1. Exponential Averaging (EA) method 21
2. Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) method 22
3. Kalman Filter (KF) method 23
4. Experimental results 24
C. Detection 28
1. CLEAN detection algorithm 29
2. Modified CLEAN detection algorithm 30
3. Experimental results 34
D. Localization and tracking 37
1. Distance conversion 38
2. Tracking of target distance 40
3. Localization and tracking in 2-dimension coordinates 42
4. Experimental results 44

IV. Conclusions 49

List of Publications 50
Acknowledgement 51
References 52
조선대학교 대학원
응구엔 반한. (2014). Improved Target Detection and Tracking Techniques for Moving Objects with IR-UWB Radar.
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