총체예술로서 나타나는 뉴미디어아트의 특성 연구

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History of contemporary art in the 20th century has witnessed radical change with the advent of new media. Especially with the emergence of computer as a new medium, scientists, programmers and engineers who create works of art appeared. From their works of art, the term 'New media art' was created. And yet, there are not distinct dictionary definitions for the term yet because new media art keeps changing and making complex relationships with the continuous development of the media.
Among various forms of new media art, this study takes a view on new media art, which appears as a Gesamtkunstwerk without clear boundaries stimulating 5 senses like sense of sight, hearing and touch in a fused appearance of various genres, because new media art as a Gesamtkunstwerk is a meaningful area in that it not only is a creative form with various genres like existing painting, music and literature combined together but also creates new frame of understanding on art and aesthetic sensitivity in the process of the combination. Therefore, the author aims to help new media art in the future appearing as Gesamtkunstwerk genuinely communicate with audience, which is the realization of ideal in art, by analyzing the characteristics of new media art through this study.
For this purpose, the author analyzed 3 characteristics of new media art appearing as Gesamtkunstwerk in this study. First, new media art appearing as a Gesamtkunstwerk helps audience voluntarily create independent epic through interaction, through which audience communicate perfectly with the artists and their works of art. Second, new media art appearing as a Gesamtkunstwerk leads audience to concentrate only on the works of art and have genuine communication by creating an environment where audience can be immersed in the works of art while forgetting reality. Third, through new media art appearing as a Gesamtkunstwerk, audience experiences sublimity as an uncertain and infinite world with independent epic and new aesthetic experience of immersion. This experience of sublimity means the communication of ideal realization which is the ultimate goal of art.
With 3 characteristics of 'maximization of communication through interaction, creation of immersion environment through virtual space and experience of sublimity as a new aesthetic experience' analyzed by this study, new media art appearing as a Gesamtkunstwerk will produce works of art in the future which make more active and direct communication with audience possible thanks to continuously emerging media by the development of technology. Therefore, now is definitely the time to require new sense and concept of beauty and new attitude and idea of audience which fit the new media art appearing as a Gesamtkunstwerk. That is, this study hopes that new media art appearing as a Gesamtkunstwerk that realizes perfect communication, which is the ideal of art, will keep developing and contributing to art.
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A study on the characteristics of New Media Art as a GesamtKunstwerk
Alternative Author(s)
Park Han Byul
일반대학원 미학-미술사학
Table Of Contents
제1장. 서 론 11
제1절. 연구의 배경 및 목적 11
제2절. 연구 방법 및 내용 12
제2장. 이론적 고찰 17
제1절. 총체예술의 개념과 발전과정 18
제2절. 뉴미디어아트의 특징 27
제3절. 총체예술로 나타나는 뉴미디어아트의 출현 37
제3장. 총체예술로서 나타나는 뉴미디어아트의 특성 42
제1절. 상호작용성을 통한 소통의 극대화 42
제2절. 가상공간을 통한 몰입환경 조성 46
제3절. 새로운 미적경험으로서 숭고 체험 53
제4장. 총체예술로서 나타나는 뉴미디어아트의 작품 사례 - 64
제1절. 관람객의 행위를 통한 독자적 서사 : 로미 아카투브와 카밀 우터백의 작품 사례를 중심으로 65
제2절. 가상공간과 현실의 접점을 통한 몰입 : 제프리 쇼의 , 작품 사례를 중심으로 57
제3절. 반복과 불명료성을 통한 무한한 세계로서 숭고체험 : 태싯그룹의 , 과 목진요의 작품 사례를 중심으로 63
제 5 장. 결론 71
참고문헌 73
박한별. (2014). 총체예술로서 나타나는 뉴미디어아트의 특성 연구.
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