Membrane type LNG선 CCS의 슬로싱 압력에 의한 구조강도 비교 연구

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Membrane type LNG선 CCS의 강도해석 정도향상에 관한 연구

Hong-Kyu Park
Advisor : Prof. Je Woong, Park, Ph.D.
Department of Naval Architecture and
Ocean Engineering,
Graduate School of Chosun University

The sloshing pressure has complex physics and various patterns. Also, the structural response induced by the sloshing pressure is affected by the distribution pattern of sloshing pressure. In order to understand the structural response by the perspective view of pressure shape, it is more efficient to make sloshing pressure pattern than to reflect the complex pressure history. In this paper, the sloshing pressures obtained by the small scale model test are classified into different spatial distributions such as triangular pyramid, rhombic and Gaussian shape distribution. Dynamic analysis of Mark-III and KC-1 LNG CCS are then parametrically performed with the consideration of various types of sloshing impact. Thereafter, the capacity curves for each models are investigated after dynamic finite element analysis and compared to evaluate the effect of pressure patterns on the structural response.
Alternative Title
A comparative study on strength analysis for membrane type LNG Cargo Containment System subjected to sloshing load
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Park Hong Kyu
일반대학원 선박해양공학과
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Abstract Ⅵ

제 1 장 서론
1 . 1 연구의 배경 1
1 . 2 연구의 목적 및 내용 2

제 2 장 LNG CCS 구조 강도 해석
2 . 1 강도 평가 절차 3
2 . 2 강도 평가 기준 6

제 3 장 Membrane type CCS의 구조 강도 평가 모델
3 . 1 구조강도 평가모델의 개요 7
3 . 2 구조강도 평가 모델 8
3 . 3 Material property 10

제 4 장 구조 강도 평가
4 . 1 Mark-III type CCS 11
4.1.1 Linear static analysis 11
4.1.2 Linear dynamic analysis 17
4 . 2 KC-1 type CCS 20
4.2.1 Linear static analysis 20
4.2.2 Linear dynamic analysis 25
4 . 3 해석 결과 비교 28

제 5 장 결과 및 고찰
5.1 결론 32
참고 문헌 33
박홍규. (2014). Membrane type LNG선 CCS의 슬로싱 압력에 의한 구조강도 비교 연구.
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