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Institute Cargo Clause
A Study on the New Institute Cargo Clause in the Marine Cargo Insurance
Advisor : Prof. Lee Jeong-Ho, Ph.D.
Department of International Trade
Graduate School of Chosun University
In commercial deal with the sea for move of articles between nations, the conclusion of the insurance contract on cargo at the sea is the compulsory factor. In the near day, almost 80% of the world trade quantity are depended upon the sea transportation by the ship and therefore, the international trade and the transportation have the indivisible relations. However, there exists a lot of the peculiar danger in the sea, and also exists the dangerous factor of the sea peculiar danger.
Accordingly, the persons concerned of the trade dealing will be prepared the accidental damage and loss with cover of the insurance on cargo at the sea in order to escape such a danger. This kind of the insurance on cargo at the sea will be concluded the insurance on cargo at the sea between the insurer and the policyholder, and in case that the insured incident will be generated the insurant accident from the contract of the insurance on cargo at the sea, the insured person will receive the insured amount.
The agreement on cargo in society established and used by London Insurer Association at present are divided by all 6 sorts. The agreement on cargo in society that was continuously used from former was revised in the year of 1982.
The Joint Cargo Committee of International Underwriting Association of London (IUA) and Lloyd's Market Association (LMA) have issued the recised version of Institute Cargo Clauses A. B. C. Institute Cargo Clauses (Air) and their accompanying War and Strikes Clauses. These Clauses are dated 1/1/09 and replace the previous Clauses which were in use since 1/1/1982. The 2009 modifications to the clauses are advantageous to the insured and clarify market terms and practice. The effects of the revision are summarised below.
① Exclusion 4.3 - Insufficiency of Packing has been clarified - if a container is stowed by an independent contractor prior to attachment of cover. the exclusion does not apply. ② Exclusion 4.5 - the word “proximately" is deleted as delay cannot be a proximate cause of loss. ③ Exclusion 4.6 has been replaced by the Insolvency Exculsion from the Commodity Trades Clauses thereby covering a “purchase in good faith under a binding contract". This clause is considered more favourable to the Insured. ④ “Terrorism" is defined (exclusion 7.3 and 7.4) - “caused by any person acting from a political. ideological. or religious motive".⑤ Duration Clause: The point of Attachment has been extended to “the time the subject matter is first moved in the warehouse" rather than “time the goods leave the warehouse". Termination has also been altered to read “on completion of unloading" rather than “on delivery". ⑥ Termination of the Contract of Carriage has been clarified to allow for continuation of cover upon request if the transit ceases before unloaring. ⑦ The change of voyage clause (Clause 10) has been amended by the removal of the words “held covered" and by providing cover in a “phantom ship" situation. ⑧ Seceral modifications are made to standardise the wording - “underwriter" replaced by “insurers". “Employees" in place of “Servants".
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A Study on the New Institute Cargo Clause in the Marine Cargo Insurance
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조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 무역학과
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목 차

제1장 서 론 1
제1절 연구의 배경 및 목적 1
1. 연구의 배경 1
2. 연구의 목적 2
제2절 연구방법 및 연구범위 2

제2장 해상적하보험의 일반적인 고찰 4
제1절 위험과 보험 4
1. 위험의 본질 4
2. 보험의 개요 8
3. 보험의 분류 11
제2절 해상보험의 개요 13
1. 해상보험의 정의 13
2. 해상보험의 기원 14
3. 영국해상보험 15
제3절 해상위험의 개요 18
1. 해상위험의 의의 18
2. 해상위험의 요건 19
3. 해상위험의 특징 20
4. 영법상의 해상위험 20
제4절 해상보험계약 22
1. 해상보험계약의 관계당사자 22
2. 보험증권과 보험약관 24

제3장 영국 협회적하약관의 변천과정 28
제1절 로이즈 SG증권 양식과 1963년협회적하약관 28
제2절 신 보험증권과 1982년 협회적하약관 30
1. 신 보험증권의 등장 30
2. 신 보험증권의 특징 30
3. 1982년 협회적하약관의 구성 32
제3절 2009년 신협회적하약관의 개정경과 34

제4장 신협회적하약관조항의 해설 36
제1절 신·구 협회적하약관의 비교 36
제2절 2009년 신협회적하약관조항의 해설 40
1. ICC(A) 40
2. ICC(B) 67
3. ICC(C) 70
4. 보험자가 부담하는 손해 71

제5장 결 론 73

참고문헌 75
조선대학교 대학원
장훼. (2013). 해상적하보험에 있어서 신협회적하 약관에 관한 연구.
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