한⦁중 FTA의 쟁점 및 대응방안에 관한 연구

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한⦁중 FTA의 쟁점 및 대응방안에 관한 연구

A Study on the Issues and the Counter Plan of
FTA between Korea and China

Advisor: Prof. Park Ro-Kyung Ph. D.
Department of International Trade
Graduate School of Chosen University

Export is an important economic growth strategy in Korea. Korea is strongly dependant on external trade. Bilateral trade between China and Korea has grown rapidly in recent years. China is now our first-largest trading partner. Thus, The Korea-China free trade agreement (FTA) in Korea's foreign trade operations is very important. Now days, It can be said that the safety of foreign markets is the key point of in Korea. Discussing positively bout the Korea-China FTA is very necessary to improve economic developmental potential in Korea. Multilateralism and regionalism in the new world trade order have been accelerated by competing among the countries. The main disputes with establishing the FTA with China were analyzed and the corresponding economic strategies were presented in this paper. The Korea-China FTA can promote continued trade liberalization, induce structural reforms in the economies concerned in Korea, and widen market access across a vibrant economic region in China, where the demand for greater interregional trade is rapidly increasing. It is hoped that economic development in China will become dynamics of that in Korean by investing efficiently in China. The resulting market fragmentation would be more costly even for major multinational companies because of rising transaction costs and regulatory barriers. The flow of our courtly's direct investment and the associated transfer of technology and know how to smaller economies would also decline. Whether or not the Korea-China FTA was correctly grasped will have a great effect on various industries in Korea.
In order to discuss specifically Korea-China FTA, to carry out university industry cooperation as soon as possible and to grasp existed obstacle factors of Korea-China FTA, mutual position between Korea and China need to be considered. All Kinds of cooperations and negotiation issues can be discovered and used by political , academic and commercial means. All deviating insecurity induced by increasing in chinese dependence can intensify the Korea-China FTA.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Issues and the Counter Plan of FTA between Korea and China
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조선대학교 대학원
일반대학원 무역학과
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제1장 서론 1
제1절 연구의 배경 및 목적 1
제2절 연구의 방법 2
제2장 한⋅중 FTA 추진의의와 현시점 양국의 무역현황 4
제1절 한중 FTA 추진의의 4
1. 한중FTA추진 의의 및 필요성 4
2. 한중FTA에 대한 양국의 입장 8
제2절 현시점 양국간 무역현황 및 무역장벽 14
1. 현시점 한⋅중 간 무역 현황 14
2. 현시점 한⋅중 간 무역장벽 16
제3절 한⋅중 FTA의 추진배경 및 추진현황 21
1. 한⋅중 FTA의 추진배경 21
2. 한⋅중 FTA의 추진현황 23
제3장 한⋅중 FTA의 주요쟁점 및 예상효과 31
제1절 한⋅중 FTA 주요쟁점 31
1.상품에 대한 주요쟁점 31
2.서비스에 대한 주요쟁점 41
3.투자에 대한 주요쟁점한 44
제2절 한⋅중 FTA가 양국에 가져다주는 예상효과 46
1. 모형 및 시나리오의 구성 46
2. 거시경제 효과 분석 47
3. ASEAN, 대만, 일본 등 동아시아 국가에 주는 영향 54
제4장 한⋅중 FTA의 추진에 대한 대응방안 56
제1절 한⋅중FTA의 상품에 대한 대응방안 56
1. 중국이 상품에 대한 대응방안 56
2. 한국이 상품에 대한 대응방안 58
제2절 한⋅중FTA의 서비스에 대한 대응방안 61
제3절 한⋅중FTA의 투자에 대한 대응방안 64
제5장 결론 67
참고문헌 68
조선대학교 대학원
박광필. (2013). 한⦁중 FTA의 쟁점 및 대응방안에 관한 연구.
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