소루등마사지 요법에 의한 중년여성의 스트레스 완화

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Previous research has suggested that massage, is effective in reducing
symptoms related to stress, fatigue, depression in the middle-aged women. In
particular, the Soru massage therapy is known to generate energy that flows
through the body along the afferent pathways and maintain the homeostasis of
body by controlling the body temperature. Soru massage is intended to
eliminate obstacles to energy circulation, promotes blood circulation and
promotes excretion of waste products, restores muscle fatigue, and
stimulates muscles including nervous systems.
Soru massage can be performed on different body parts such as head, neck,
and back. In this study, the aim of this study is examine to the extent of
Soru back massage therapy on the middle-aged women in terms of reducing
stress. To conduct this study, a literature survey method and an empirical
research method were concurrently applied.
To conduct empirical part of this research, massage therapists were also
randomly selected and the middle-aged women were randomly selected from age
40 and 59 from August 1, 2017 to September 10, 2017. A total of 14
participants received the back massage treatment; each therapy session took
about 50 minutes three times a week for 5 weeks. The participants were asked
to fill out one survey questionnaire before receiving a massage therapy
session and one after receiving a massage therapy. The effects of massage
therapy on the stress relief of middle-aged women was tested using a t-test.
All of the empirical analyzes of this study were conducted at significance
level p <.05.
In conclusion, this study has demonstrated that Soru back massage was
highly effective in relieving stress related symptoms of middle-aged women.
Additional implication of this study is that the back massage appeared to
have relieving effects on other body parts including the neck, shoulder,
back, and loins. However, it should be noted that the history of Soru
massage therapy is relatively shorter than other massage therapies such as
meridian, sports, and aromatherapy. The limitations of this study is the
lack of previous research on Soru massage. Because of its short history,
literature on Soru massage was inevitably limited at the time of conducting
this research. Furthermore, this study is limited to middle-aged women as
other groups of individuals were not examined.
For future study, considering frequent association with stress and pain,
elderly population and students can be examined to understand the effects of
Soru back massage. In particular, since high school students need to sit on
the chair all day long and often experience neck pains, it would be useful
to examine the effects of receiving the Soru back massage therapy for
relieving stress and neck pain symptoms. Nonetheless, because Soru back
massage therapy is shown to be effective in relieving related symptoms of
middle-aged women, we can expect to see popularization of Soru massage among
other groups. Because this study is only an exploratory research, more
similar studies on should be conducted in the future.
Keywords: Soru back massage therapy, middle-aged women, relief of stress
Alternative Title
The Relief of Middle-Aged Women's Stress by Soru Back Massage
Alternative Author(s)
Lim Seung Yeon
보건대학원 대체의학과
임 용
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서론 1

Ⅱ. 연구방법 3

1. 연구방법 3
2. 소루등마사지요법 순서 4
3. 설문지 구성 5
4. 자료수집과 분석방법 5
5. 연구 참여자에 대한 윤리적 고려 6

Ⅲ.분석결과 7

1. 소루등마사지와 사전-사후 변화검정 7
1) 소루등마사지와 신체적 스트레스 7
2) 소루등마사지와 심리적 스트레스 9

2. 소루등마사지와 통증 12
3. 소루등마사지와 만족도 14

Ⅵ. 고찰 18

1. 등마사지 18
2. 소루등마사지 19
3. 중년여성의 스트레스 20
1) 신체적 스트레스 특징 21
2) 심리적 스트레스 특징 23
4. 통증 24

Ⅴ. 결론 28

참고문헌 29
설 문 지 34
임승연. (2017). 소루등마사지 요법에 의한 중년여성의 스트레스 완화.
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