요양병원 요양보호사의 노인 구강건강관리 수행도 관련요인

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Objective: This was the research of examining the present situation of oral health management of elderly people, targeting care workers who were working at a convalescent hospital and the performance status of oral health management of elderly people.

Methods: The study subjects were 174 care workers in 20 convalescent hospitals. Data were collected from February 6 to February 26, for 20 days. Data were collected by a self-administered questionnaire. Data were analyzed through descriptive analysis, correlation and multiple regression analysis by using a SPSS version 23.0 statistical program.

Results: According to the multiple linear regression analysis conducted targeting the variables with a significance probability is less than 0.1 in a simple analysis, the drinking frequency of nothing in comparison with the drinking frequency of more than 2 times a month (ß=0.237, p=0.068) and, the exercise frequency of more than 2 times a month in comparison with the exercise frequency of nothing (ß=0.232, p=0.035) and, the scare of 100~200 sickbed in comparison with the scare of sickbed of more than 200 (ß=-0.258, p=0.056) and, the number of elderly people under care which is between 10~19 in comparison with the number of elderly people under care which is more than 20 (ß=0.246, p=0.020) and, the oral health behavior of care worker (ß=0.271, p=<0.001) and, the knowledge of oral health care (ß=0.055, p=0.008) are related to the performance stats of elderly people oral health care.

Conclusion: Through the research, to increase the performance status for elderly people oral health care, the educational program development in accordance with the care worker training standard textbook changing, and the long term education should be reinforced. If the manpower of convalescent hospital is properly placed for the number of patients to increase the performance status, it will be possible to prevent and care the elderly people oral health care effectively.

Keyword: Care worker, Convalescent hospital, Elderly people, Oral health
Alternative Title
Performance of elderly oral health management and related factors among some care workers in long term care hospitals
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CHoi, Se Eun
보건대학원 보건학과
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Table Of Contents
표 목 차 ⅲ

Ⅰ. 서론 1

Ⅱ. 연구 방법 3
A. 연구 대상 및 자료 수집 방법 3
B. 조사 변수 4
1. 요양보호사의 일반적 특성 4
2. 직무관련 특성 4
3. 구강건강관련 특성 4
4. 요양보호사의 구강건강행태 5
5. 노인 구강건강관리 태도 및 인식 5
6. 구강건강관리 지식 5
7. 구강건강관리 수행도 5
C. 자료 분석 7

Ⅲ. 연구 결과 8
A. 대상자의 특성 분포 8
1. 요양보호사의 일반적 특성 8
2. 직무관련 특성 10
3. 구강건강관련 특성 12
4. 요양보호사의 구강건강행태 14
5. 노인 구강건강관리 태도 및 인식 15
6. 구강건강관리 지식 17
7. 구강건강관리 수행도 19
B. 대상자의 특성에 따른 구강건강관리 수행도 22
1. 일반적 특성에 따른 구강건강관리 수행도 22
2. 직무관련 특성에 따른 구강건강관리 수행도 24
3. 구강건강관련 특성에 따른 구강건강관리 수행도 26
4. 요양보호사의 구강건강행태, 노인 구강건강관리 태도 및 인식, 구강건강관리 지식과 구강건강관리 수행도간의 상관관계 28
5. 다중선형회귀분석을 이용한 노인구강건강관리 수행도 관련요인 30

Ⅳ. 고찰 32

Ⅴ. 요약 및 결론 36

참고문헌 37
최세은. (2017). 요양병원 요양보호사의 노인 구강건강관리 수행도 관련요인.
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