소루마사지요법이 중년여성의 하지통증, 피로, 우울에 미치는 영향

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Effect of Soru Massage Therapy on Lower-leg Pain, fatigue and Depression among the Middle-aged Women.

Choi, Bo Gyong
Advisor: Prof. Moon Kyung Rye M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Alternative Medicine,
Graduate School of Health Science
Chosun University

Korea society is concerned about the low birth rate·aging population and changes in society as an alternative to the power shortage problem Noh advantage of married women workers(라진구,2009).
Musculoskeletal pain prevalence in the population with high school or more education one of the country more than 50-year-old woman is over 80%, if the residential borough wife than in metropolitan 50.2% in total 69.7% of musculoskeletal pain prevalence is 50 years old and over 20% higher. The prevalence of musculoskeletal pain, particularly women living in towns and villages was highr by 80.1% portion. Thus, care qualification bohosa gyeogye musculoskeletal disease of middle-aged women of junbiseang are highly relevant to business in the future they need to participate. No intervention on pain of musculoskeletal disorders, therefore it is very important.
This study is not to apply ton soru massage therapy is one the alternative therapies for pain reduction in middle-aged women who complain of pain, fatigue and consequent pain relief, and the impact of depression that aims verification.
Research methode were created and collected questionnaires from experiments before experimental and control group, blood pressure was measured every time period before surgery, and then to measure. Soru massage therapy program has trained researchers who conducted the pre-match protocol.
Subjects by 2015 18 August to 25 September G City V care bohosa positive educational institutions was conducted by students 40 people being educated in the control group, 20 patients, group 2 were eliminated as a personal matter to final 38 people are targeted.
Study places each time you visit a total of six weeks superintendent bohosa V Care/week, twice a total of 12 times/ about 25 minutes soru massage therapy program was carried out.
Automatic Blood pressure Monitor blood pressure as a research tool measure DIAGNOSTEC(panasonic) was a tool for measuring pain, fatigue, depression was installed in the self-culture, the procedure before and after the changes were long able to do.
Data analysis of this study was using SPSS 18.0 statistical package of social research, statistical significance level was set at every 5%(a=.05)levels.
Got the results of this study indicate that no significant pain p<.001 In the experimental group, fatigue p<.001 is depressed in this low was p<.01, physiological index, blood pressure(systolic(Z=-3.027, p<.01), diastolic(Z=-3.027, p<.01)was confirmed this adjustment.
Therefore, do not reduce the fatigue and soru massage therapy to decrease pain for middle-aged women who complain of pain, it brought about a statistically significant result in reduced depression, had the effect of lowering blood pressure.

Soru massage therapy appears to be effective for lower-leg pain, fatigue, depression decreases that occur commonly in middle-aged women, is considered to be in the future will be able to take advantage of the intervention of the physical health of middle-aged women.

keywords: Soru massage therapy Program, fatigue, depression, blood pressure, lower-leg pain
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Effect of Soru Massage Therapy on Lower-leg Pain, Fatigue and Depression among the Middle-aged Women
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choi bo kyong
보건대학원 대체의학과
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1. 연구의 필요성 ······························································ 1
2. 연구의 목적 ······························································· 2
3. 연구가설 ··································································· 3
4. 용어정의 ··································································· 4
5. 연구의 제한점 ······························································ 6

Ⅱ. 문헌고찰 ···································································· 7
1. 중년 여성의 건강상태 및 고용율 ······································ 7
2. 대체요법 ··································································· 9
3. 소루마사지요법 ··························································· 9
4. 하지통증의 영향요인 ··················································· 11

Ⅲ. 연구방법 및 절차 ······················································· 14
1. 연구설계 ·································································· 14
2. 연구대상 및 표집방법 ·················································· 14
3. 하지 통증환자를 위한 소루마사지요법 프로그램 개발 적용 ······ 15
4. 소루마사지용법 프로그램 운영 ········································ 16
5. 연구도구 ·································································· 17
1) 소루마사지요법 프로그램 ············································· 17
2) 혈압측정 ······························································· 19
3) 통증 측정 도구 ······················································· 19
4) 피로 측정 도구 ······················································· 19
5) 우울 측정 도구 ······················································· 19
6. 자료수집 방법 및 절차 ················································· 20
7. 자료분석 ·································································· 20
8. 연구 참여자에 대한 윤리적 고려 ····································· 21

Ⅳ. 연구결과 ·································································· 22
1. 분석결과 ································································· 22

Ⅴ. 논의 ········································································ 30

Ⅵ. 결론 ········································································ 33

참고문헌 ······································································· 34

부 록 ······································································· 38
동의서 ···························································· 38
설문지 ···························································· 39
조선대학교 대학원
최보경. (2016). 소루마사지요법이 중년여성의 하지통증, 피로, 우울에 미치는 영향.
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