숲 유치원 활동이 유아들의 건강증진에 미치는 영향

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Effects of Forest Activities on the Advancement of Kindergarteners, Health

Kyu Nam, Lee
Advisor; Prof. Moon Kyung Rye M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Alternative Medicine,
Graduate School of Health Science
Chosun University

We have responsibility to our children's health as the health condition of early childhood provides the foundation of future growth and development of children.
In this study, I compared the effects of participating in two kinds of kindergarten's activities ; a forest and general outdoor. It is also our goal that the results of this study may contribute to the field of early childhood education setting.

For the purpose of this study, following research questions was established;

Is there any difference between effects of forest versus general outdoor activities on young children's health-related advancement, i.e., health-related fitness, physical development, prevention of upper respiratory tract infection, the rate of obesity.
The subjects participated in this study were five-year old 88 children involved in kindergarten institutions M and G located in G city, Korea. At M institute, children were general outdoor activities, while at G, the activities were held in a forest setting.

These experiments were carried out 5 times per week for 22 weeks and each outdoor activity session lasted over one hour a total of 154 hours.
The differences in effects from two different types of activities were analyzed using t-test and analysis frequency.

The results of this study were as follows;

First, there were significant differences in young children's health-related fitness between a forest and a general activity. The forest activity had more positive effects on the cardiorespiratory capacity, endurance, flexibility than general activity.
Second, there was a significant difference in the children's height increase but not in their weight gain.
Third, there was a significant difference in the prevalence of upper respiratory tract infection, specifically common cold.
Fourth, there was no significant difference in the obesity rate between the subject groups.
The result of this study indicates that forest activities may be an alternative to general outdoor activities for the health-related advancement on early childhood education.
Alternative Title
Effects of Forest Activities on the Advancement of Kindergarteners' Health
Alternative Author(s)
Kyu Nam, Lee
보건대학원 대체의학과
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Table Of Contents
Ⅰ.서론 1
1.연구의 필요성 및 목적 1
2.연구문제 3
3.용어의 정의 4
Ⅱ.이론적 배경 5
1.숲 유치원 5
가.숲 유치원의 역사와 개념 5
나.숲 유치원의 운영 현황 6
다.숲 유치원 활동의 영향과 유아의 건강 7
2. 건강증진 8
가.건강체력 증진의 필요성 8
나.유아 건강체력 증진의 요소 9
다.유아(幼兒)의 신체 성장발달의 개념 10
라.상기도감염(감기를 중심으로) 13
마.유아의 비만 14
Ⅲ.연구방법 16
1.연구대상 17
2.연구도구 18
가.유아의 건강체력 연구도구 18
나.유아의 신체 성장발달 연구도구 20
다.유아의 비만측정 연구도구 20
3.연구절차 23
가.예비조사 23
나.교사 및 연구 보조자 훈련 24
다.일반 유치원과 숲 유치원 집단의 동질성 검사 24
라.실험실시 26
마.내적 평정자 일치도 29
4.실험처치 29
5.자료분석 33
Ⅳ. 연구결과 34
1.숲 유치원 활동이 유아들의 건강체력에 미치는 영향 34
가.숲 유치원 활동이 유아의 심폐지구력에 미치는 영향 35
나.숲 유치원 활동이 유아의 근지구력에 미치는 영향 36
다.숲 유치원 활동이 유아의 근력에 미치는 영향 37
라.숲 유치원 활동이 유아의 유연성에 미치는 영향 38
2.숲 유치원 활동이 유아들의 신체발달에 미치는 영향 39
3.숲 유치원 활동이 유아들의 상기도감염 중 감기예방에 미치는 영향 40
4.숲 유치원 활동이 유아들의 비만에 미치는 영향 41
Ⅴ.논의 및 제언 44
1.논의 및 결론 44
2.제언 50
참고문헌 52
부 록
부록1.질병 관리본부 2007년 표준 성장도표 요약 56
부록2.건강체력 측정 유아 사진 57
이규남. (2014). 숲 유치원 활동이 유아들의 건강증진에 미치는 영향.
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