예비생물교사의 중등생물교과교육에 대한 인식 및 개선방안

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The study investigated the perception of preservice biology teachers and secondary science teachers on biology education courses, and the level and depth of understanding of middle school level biology contents. The study also analyzed the difference in the contents of middle school level biology which preservice biology teachers and high school students were confused in and confirmed the relation between the results and the previous research on five concepts.
The participants of the study were 40 students from Biology Education Department in a college of education and from a regular university who completed biology teachership training in Gwangju Metropolitan City, and 54 science teachers from middle schools in Jeollanam-do. In order to examine the perception on the biology education courses of preservice biology teachers and secondary science teachers, the questionnaire 'Science Teachers' Perceptions and Needs for Courses in Science Education Subjects for Science Teacher Preparation Program in Korea (Park Jong Won et al., 2010)' was used. In addition, the questionnaire, 'Perception and Understanding on Secondary Biology Curriculum of Science Teachers and Highschool Students (Kim Su Ah, 2012)' was used to investigate preservice biology teachers' level and depth. The questionnaire was composed of 20 questions based on middle school biology contents, such as photosynthesis, digestion, circulation, breathing, excretion, stimulation and response, reproduction and birth, heredity and evolution. The analysis by biology graduate students and open coding showed coincidence analysis of 81.66%. Inconsistent parts were reconciled through discussion, and the reliability of preservice biology teachers' exam sheet had Cronbach α value of .990.
The results of the study are as follows.
First, both the preservice biology teachers and secondary science teachers recognized the need for classes which can enhance the understanding of actual teaching in the teacher preparation program at a college of education.
Second, the preservice biology teachers' percentage of correct answers on middle school level biology contents was relatively high with an average 89.4%, which suggested that they had no difficulty in answering middle school level biology.
Third, the distribution of answers of preservice biology teachers and high school students on question and unit on middle school level biology contents appeared to be almost the same. In addition, contents which preservice biology teachers and high school students were confused in commonly appeared relatively identical to the five-concept advanced research.
Fourth, when analyzing the confused contents, the problems were interpreted using knowledge which surpassed middle school level biology.
Based on the results, the biology education courses at college of education should instruct preservice teachers to enhance their understanding and depth of middle school biology contents through curriculum education theory, study of teaching materials, and subjects of teaching method. Also, in order to denelop secondary biology concepts' understanding for preservice biology teachers who will teach students and correct the misconceptions, class strategies which can transform misconceptions to scientific concepts are required. Preservice biology teachers should be able to recognize the preconceptions which middle school students have in advance and plan their classes with consideration for the students' knowledge.
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Preservice Biology Teachers' Perception and Suggestions on the Biology Education Courses at College of Education
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Jung, Young Kyo
조선대학교 교육대학원 생물교육
교육대학원 생물교육
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2013. 2
Table Of Contents
목 차

목차 -------------------------------------------------ⅰ
표목차 -----------------------------------------------ⅲ
도목차 -----------------------------------------------ⅴ
ABSTRACT ------------------------------------------ⅵi

Ⅰ. 서론-----------------------------------------------1
A. 연구의 필요성 및 목적----------------------------- 1
B. 연구 문제-----------------------------------------3
C. 연구의 제한점-------------------------------------3

Ⅱ. 이론적 배경----------------------------------------4
A. 교사양성------------------------------------------4
B. 교수내용지식--------------------------------------12
C. 오개념--------------------------------------------15

Ⅲ. 선행 연구 ------------------------------------------17
A. 예비교사의 교사양성과정에 대한 인식---------------- 17
B. 예비교사의 내용학적 지식에 대한 이해도 ------------ 20
C. 오개념 관련 선행 연구 ----------------------------- 23

Ⅳ. 연구 방법------------------------------------------28
A. 연구대상 -----------------------------------------28
B. 연구과정 -----------------------------------------28
C. 검사도구 -----------------------------------------29
D. 분석방법------------------------------------------30

Ⅴ. 연구 결과 및 논의-----------------------------------32
A. 설문결과분석 --------------------------------------32
B. 예비생물교사의 중등생물내용에 대한 수준과 깊이 분석-46
C. 예비생물교사와 고등학생의 문제지 비교 분석 ---------86
D. 오개념 관련 선행연구와 헷갈리는 내용 비교 분석 ------95

Ⅵ. 결론 및 제언----------------------------------------98
A. 결론---------------------------------------------- 98
B. 제언---------------------------------------------- 99

참고문헌 ------------------------------------------- 100
부 록
예비생물교사 설문지
교사 설문지
예비생물교사 문제지
조선대학교 교육대학원
정영교. (2012). 예비생물교사의 중등생물교과교육에 대한 인식 및 개선방안
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