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English Education and Culture

Min Yi-sun
Advisor : Prof. Hui-jung Jung
English Language Education.
Graduate School of Education, Chosun University

One of the most important things when we study English is to learn the culture of English-speaking countries. Although it has emphasized by the National Curriculum for many years, I thought it was not enough yet.
So, I've decided to examine the way cultural contents (English-speaking countries') are presented in middle school English textbooks based on the guidelines of the revised Seventh National Curriculum, and cultural understandings of students and teachers. Fifteen English textbooks for middles school students were analyzed and two types of questionnaires were administered for this research-one for teachers and the other for students. The findings show us important applications.
First of all, the national curriculum has emphasized cultural contents, but teachers and students aren't concerned about them much. Also, they said that it is not easy to find ways to learn cultural things from formal educational institutions and they just rely on the media. The materials from the media could be very useful and various, but it could also be very dangerous if it is not exact.
Secondly, most of students and teachers still think that cultures of Inner Circle are more important than other English-speaking countries. They checked the questionnaire that was about the priority among English-speaking countries, and the result proved that fact. The textbooks, however, have not only cultures of Inner Circle but also general cultures. Also, the rate of general cultures is getting more. So, the attitudes of teachers and students to cultural contents should be extended.
Lastly, the contents of cultural things should be extended, too. Some contents such as school and family are enough, but other contents such as laws and historical events are insufficient. Therefore, textbook writers should consider this and they should include various cultural contents.
Alternative Title
English Education and Culture
Alternative Author(s)
Min, Yi Sun
교육대학원 영어교육과
교육대학원 영어교육
Awarded Date
2012. 2
Table Of Contents
1.1. 연구의 필요성
1.2. 연구의 제한점

Ⅱ.이론적 배경
2.1. 언어와 문화
2.1.1 언어
2.1.2 문화
2.1.3 언어와 문화의 관계
2.1.4 언어교육에서의 문화교육의 필요성
2.2 제7차 개정 영어과 교육과정
2.2.1 제7차 개정 교육과정의 주요 내용
2.2.2 제7차 개정 교육과정에서의 문화교육
2.3 선행연구

Ⅲ.연구방법 및 절차
3.1. 연구의 목적
3.2. 연구의 방법
3.2.1 교과서
3.2.2 설문지

Ⅳ.연구결과 및 논의
4.1. 교과서 분석
4.1.1 문화소재에 따른 영어교과서 분석
4.1.2 영어권문화의 범위에 따른 영어교과서 분석
4.2. 설문지 분석
4.2.1 학생 설문지 분석
4.2.2 교사 설문지 분석
4.3. 논의

Ⅴ.결론 및 제언
5.1 결론
5.2. 제언

참 고 문 헌
부 록
민이선. (2011). 영어교육과 문화
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