창의적인 미술교육을 위한 일러스트레이션 표현 지도 방안 연구

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일러스트레이션 표현 지도
With the accelerated changes into the Knowledge-Based Society worldwide, the need for cultivation of creativity and personality became more desperate. This is because the art education becomes more important in the courses for the development of creative talents. In particular, it is one of the most important goals to increase students' unique personality and foser their potential creativity.
Art education so far stressed the importance of creativity but, in fact, schools did not escape from stereotypes such as realistic representation and portrayal description but only performed standardized art education. Therefore, this study aims to develop quality learning guidance methods to foster global creative talents. Accordingly this studied effective and easily accessible methods of illustration to develop students' creativity and induce efficient learning.
Accordingly, this study presents new teaching methods based on theoretical considerations of the literature and previoius papers, focusing on the elementary 3rd and 4th grade art curriculum(Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, 2009). This study expects that a variety of teaching methods of illustration is able to help studenets learn arts more easily, naturally, and effectively and that effective learning programs can serve as a means of artistic representation out of a simple evaluation of students' learning outcomes.
In other words, new teaching methods will make it possible for students to experience and feel on their own way, express and appreciate to improve their aesthetic perspective, and finally improve their potential ability to express themselves. It is considered that they can share, feel, and express through the appreciation of many finished works and that they can improve their self-confidence by making a presentation of their own work for effective and efficient learning activities.
In the future research, the lesson plans should be applied on the actual schools, the subsequent learning outcomes should be analyzed and validated, and further continued research should be conducted on much more diverse illustration methods which can contribute to the art education for the development of global creative talents in response to the globalization.
Alternative Title
Study on the Illustration Expression Teaching Method for Creative Artistic Education : Focusing on Art Curriculum in Elementary School
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Kim, In-young
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 미술교육
Awarded Date
2011. 2
Table Of Contents

제1장 서론 1
제1절 연구의 필요성 및 목적 1
제2절 연구의 내용과 방법 2

제2장 일러스트레이션 이해 4
제1절 일러스트레이션의 개념 4
제2절 일러스트레이션의 종류 6
제3절 일러스트레이션의 다양한 표현 방법 9

제3장 미술교과와 일러스트레이션 27
제1절 창의적인 미술교육의 이해 27
제2절 미술교과 내용 및 일러스트레이션 작품 분석 31
제3절 일러스트레이션 표현 교육의 필요성 42

제4장 일러스트레이션 수업의 설계 및 기대효과 45
제1절 창의적인 수업지도의 방향 45
제2절 수업 지도안 50
1. 시화를 통한 엽서 일러스트레이션 제작 50
2. 도감 일러스트레이션 제작 55
3. 팝업 북 일러스트레이션을 활용한 동화책 재구성 60
4. 캐릭터 일러스트레이션을 활용한 인물 북 제작 65
제3절 일러스트레이션 표현의 교육적 기대효과 69

제5장 결 론 75
참고문헌 77
조선대학교 교육대학원
김인영. (2010). 창의적인 미술교육을 위한 일러스트레이션 표현 지도 방안 연구
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