중학교 생활일본어의 교과서 내용분석

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An Analysis of the Middie School Textbook of
Everyday Japnaese

- focusing on contents of cultures -

Choi Sik-young
Advisor: Professor Kim In-hyeon
Japanese Education, Graduate School of Education, Joseon University

The 7th Revised National Curricula emphasizes the importance of cultural understanding for foreign language education. Culture is referred to as a people's ways of life; understanding its culture means understanding its people's lives. With a cultural collision caused by a variety of cultural communication in an informatization age, foreign language education has paid more attention to culture-centered education than language-centered education. Therefore, now it is time to give correct cultural education as well as giving curiosity about culture.

In this light, with the recognition the importance of cultural education, this paper conducts an analysis of cultural elements contained in life Japanese textbooks currently used at middle schools, on the basis of an analysis of the revised national curricula. The analysis shows that those textbooks were published in 2001 and have cultural contents and elements that are behind the times, and that they do not appeal to students. So, this paper conducts a survey of the middle school students' interest in Japanese culture to find out what cultural contents call their attention, and what problems the Japanese classes have. On the basis of this survey, it tries to give an opinion on what directions the Japanese textbooks in the future should be edited and published in so as to play a successful role as a culture-educating material and what teaching methods arouse their interest in Japanese culture and lead students to take active part in class.
Alternative Title
An Analysis of the Middie School Textbook of Everyday Japanese
Alternative Author(s)
choi sik young
교육대학원 일어교육
Awarded Date
2011. 2
Table Of Contents
目 次

제1장 序 論 1
제1절 연구의 목적 1
제2절 선행연구 3
제3절 연구의 방법 7

제2장 本 論 8
제1절 일본 문화교육의 필요성 8
1. 문화의 개념 8
2. 2009년 교육과정에 제시된 생활외국어 문화내용의 분석
3. 문화교육의 목표와 필요성 11

제2절 교과서 『こんにちは』에서의 문화내용 분석 14
1. 각 단원의 구성과 내용 14
2. 각 단원 주제와 문화이해 학습내용과의 연계성 19
3. 문화탐방과 놀이체험의 문화내용 분석 21
4. 언어습관과 자율학습의 문화내용 분석 27
5. 문화내용의 인터넷사이트 실태분석 31
제3절 학습자들의 일본문화 관심도 실태조사 및 분석 34
1. 조사대상 및 방법 34
2. 학생의 설문조사 35
3. 조사결과 및 분석 38

제4절 『こんにちは』문화내용의 개선 방향 45

제3장 結 論 48

참고문헌 50
조선대학교 교육대학원
최식영. (2010). 중학교 생활일본어의 교과서 내용분석
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