Simulation Tool을 이용한 위상제어 컨버터의 동작 특성 분석

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위상제어 컨버터
Presently, the specific gravity of the used field of the AC-AC phase control converter in which the effective value and frequency have got the output of the other alternating current by approving the alternating current used for the motoring and dimming circuit, and etc. As the development of the dimming circuit, controlling the brightness of the illumination by the expansion of the illumination industry market using LED along with the development of the various product using the electric motor including an air-conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, and etc. Due to the development of an industry as the driving source and etc. Increases. In using the power offset required in the device connected to the output terminal to the object using the phase control, it is due to be convenient.
The AC-AC phase control converter uses in order to set the power offset of the load in which the part of the input voltage waveform is not delivered to the load and while a switching occurs for every cycle of the alternating current, that is the input voltage, requiring the power offset which is lower than the input electrode value by lowering the effective value of the output voltage and output current and the power offset taking the load.
In this paper, PSIM program and PSpice program were used. PSIM program is the program which it simulates by using the ideal element. PSpice program is the program which selects and can simulate the actually used device
By using the single phase control converter and three phase control converter (Y-Y wiring) and three phase control converter (Y-∆ wiring) PSIM program and PSpice program among the AC-AC phase control converter among the simulation program, this paper enforced a simulation and inquired into the difference of two programs.
Alternative Title
Operation Characteristics Analysis of Phase Control Convertor using Simulation Tool
Alternative Author(s)
Lim, Su Yeon
교육대학원 기술.가정교육
Awarded Date
2011. 2
Table Of Contents

I. 서 론 1

II. 이론적 고찰 2
A. 단상 교류전압 제어기 2
B. 3상 교류전압 제어기 5
1. Y-Y 결선 저항 부하 5
2. Y-∆ 결선 저항 부하 12

III. 시뮬레이션 16
A. 단상 교류전압 제어기 16
B. 3상 교류전압 제어기 22
1. Y-Y 결선 22
2. Y-∆ 결선 28
C. 시뮬레이션 결과 검토 36

IV. 결 론 37

조선대학교 교육대학원
임수연. (2010). Simulation Tool을 이용한 위상제어 컨버터의 동작 특성 분석
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