국악교육 관련 웹 사이트 분석 및 활용 방안 연구

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A study on analysis and application Websites related to the Education of Korean Traditional Music

Youn-ju Park
Advisor : Prof. Kay PAHK
Major in Music Education
Graduate School of Education
Chosun University

We are living in the age of information. The Internet has been used in teaching. Traditional Korean music Education through the Internet resources also helps the learning more interesting and more effective.
This paper examines the current use of the Internet for traditional Korean music by most frequent search entries on Korean search engines such as naver, nate, and daum; this paper classifies them according to the theory, history, and appreciation. Based on the research results, the most popular websites for and traditional Korean music Education ("", "", "") are analyzed. The paper points out the weaknesses of the websites and suggests useful ways to take advantage of such websites.
These are the findings of this study.
First, "" classifies the traditional Korean music instruments based on 8 keys, along with pictures of the instruments. The history of Korean music is concisely explained according to the time and age. For listening to Korean music, the website has the search option, through which people can listen to their selections. The weaknesses of the websites include the limited classification of musical instruments. There are not sub-classifications except for 8 –key instruments. Besides, the resources section doesn't provide the search option; there is no division for traditional Korean music and contemporary Korean music. Therefore it is not easy to search for music.
Second, "" is distinctive in that it uses the ICT to teach Pansori. In addition, the feature of 'sing along' based on the beat is very useful in the classroom. However, it doesn't provide the precise sources in describing Korean music history.
Third, "" is the most resourceful and educational in the areas of "Korean music history, Korean music theory, Korean music explanation, introduction of Korean musical instruments, and listening to traditional Korean music. However, the website fails to cite the sources for historical accounts.
Other problems are found on the Internet related to traditional Korean music education.
First, there is misleading information on the Internet, so novice in Korean music may end up in a commercial website that sells Korean musical instruments. People need to be careful with their search entry.
Second, there is outdated information or wrong information, which people should be aware of. Some websites are poorly run, and most websites do not cite their sources so the information on such websites is not very reliable.
Here are some suggestions to overcome such problems.
First, it is crucial to develop a link system to help people to find the right websites easily. It will help music teachers and students to have easy access to the information they need without hassle.
Second, current websites need to be updated and constant management. To improve the quality of Korean music education, the websites should be better managed with more attention. In introducing musical instruments, more detailed classifications, explanation with visual and audio sources should be provided.
There are many websites related to music, and the music education is becoming more personalized. In this age, the Internet is an essential tool for teaching traditional Korean music. It is hoped that the research findings will be useful in solving the problems and improving the Korean music education.
Alternative Title
A study on analysis and application Websites related to the Education of Korean Traditional Music
Alternative Author(s)
Park, youn ju
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 음악교육
박 계
Awarded Date
2010. 8
Table Of Contents
목 차


제1장 서론


제1절 연구 필요성


제2절 연구 방법


제3절 선행 연구 고찰


제2장 이론적 배경


제1절 국악교육 필요성


제2절 인터넷을 활용한 국악교육의 필요성


제3장 국악교육관련 인터넷사이트 분석


제1절 검색 및 분류


제2절 장․단점 분석


제4장 문제점과 활용방안


제5장 결론


조선대학교 교육대학원
박연주. (2010). 국악교육 관련 웹 사이트 분석 및 활용 방안 연구
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