클레이 애니메이션을 활용한 중등학교 미술교육 지도방안 연구

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The Study of Teaching Middle School Art Applying
Clay Animation

By Yoo Dae-hyuk
Advisor : Prof. Bak Sang-ho Ph.D
Major in Art Education,
Graduate School of Education,
Chosun University

The development of multimedia and internet have opened the information era in which we can get the variety of information at anytime and anywhere. Adolescents who are living in this era are at the core of new culture and future development. In this context, schools must educate adolescents very carefully at the site.
Adolescents are highly influenced by art education, in terms of developing creativeness, society, culture and their emotional aspects. However, art education has been almost abandoned due to lack of students' interests. To improve this, we have to consider what adolescents are in fond of. Applying the medium which brings attentions from students to art education will produce even more meaningful education, while reminding people the importance of art on education.
Clay animation is popular in Korea so that students can go field trip to experience what it is like. What is more, clay animation is a combination of animation that is popular among the students and art education. It is the perfect item for art education that helps adolescents to understand image medium.
The history and techniques of animation are stated in this study to make the concept of clay animation more clear. In addition, educational aspect of art education and some pieces of clay animations are introduced to illustrate that clay animation have social and emotional influences on adolescents.
This treatise suggests the model of teaching-learning by applying clay animation to middle school art education to realize broader middle school art education activities. The expression activities of existing art education are compared to that of clay animation to guide the direction of development of clay animation.
The comparison will also present specific programs to promote art education, expecting educational maturity from interactions between art education and image medium.
I believe that stimulating clay animation will contribute to the development of art education.
Alternative Title
The Study of Teaching Middle School Art Applying Clay Animation
Alternative Author(s)
Yoo Dae-hyuk
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 미술교육
박상호 교수님
Awarded Date
2010. 2
Table Of Contents

Abstract Ⅵ

Ⅰ. 서론 1

1. 연구목적 1
2. 연구 내용과 방법 3

Ⅱ. 애니메이션의 개념 및 역사 4

1. 애니메이션의 개념 4
2. 애니메이션의 역사 7
3. 애니메이션의 종류와 기법 13

Ⅲ. 미술교육에서의 클레이 애니메이션 21

1. 미술교육의 목적과 의의 21
2. 애니메이션이 청소년 정서에 미치는 사회적 요인 23
3. 클레이 애니메이션의 교육적 특징 24
4. 클레이 애니메이션을 이용한 작품소개 및 교육프로그램 활용방안 연구
5. 클레이 애니메이션 미술교육의 지도방안 38
1)클레이 애니메이션의 학습 지도방향 38
2)클레이 애니메이션의 교수-학습 지도안 39

Ⅳ. 클레이 애니메이션 미술교육의 기대효과 51

1. 평면표현과 클레이 애니메이션표현과의 비교 51
2. 클레이 애니메이션 미술표현의 기대효과 52

Ⅴ. 결론 54

유대혁. (2009). 클레이 애니메이션을 활용한 중등학교 미술교육 지도방안 연구
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