중학교 음악감상 교육의 효율적인 지도방안 연구

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Music appreciation is the most fundamental act of all musical acts. Music appreciation means that we can concentrate on the music and think as we listen to music. Music appreciation is an act of having fun and understanding aesthetic characters of music and meanings, so it means that we are inspired by the concrete concepts in expressions that organize the music - like Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, tone color, tempo, form, etc, after perceiving them.
I am assuming that explioting the progressive attitude which can lead us to be fond of listening to music is the main landmark in music education. Teachers need to make students think aesthetically and intellectually when they are listening to musicl. and also the stimulus and reaction to the intellect of students can be shown differently according to methods of teaching. Therefore, the perseverant effort and ceaseless study about the method of instruction is needed to teachers who are teaching music.
The purpose of class of listening to music is to obtain a positive perspective and achieve fulfillment in one's whole life through music. On the other hands, most of other practices in music are being carried out as a step for preparing for acquirement of basic and professional skills. Listening to music is for the people who receive and enjoy music efficiently in their life rather than for the people who produce or reproduce music. and this is the one prerquisite purpose of music education in school.
I recognized the necessity of study to improve the ability for a creative expression by focusing on the education of music in school and developing a new method of teaching in music appreciation which can make students appreciate the aesthetic of music through various expressive music activity.
Hence, the main purpose of this study is to percept the importance of music appreciation and achieve an effective method and system of teaching in music appreciation by studying the textbook of music. and also I would like to lead people to enhance their ability to understand the concept and principals of music by listening to music. and I also studied more specifically and empirically about where and how the field of appreciation must be practiced. The guide of method in education of music appreciation representing the method of various and reasonable approach which the teachers should obtain, and the method of teaching in class which can result in a scientific and systematic effect are presented. Especially, concrete and systematic examples of a guidance of class which can make many teachers apply and practice in the actual spot of education by improving the method of appreciation class which has been simple and arbitrary is explained. After this research, I could get to the conclusions below.
First. The direction of education in music appreciation is to improve a sense and an ability of music which can lead students to enjoy the abundance of beauty in music.
Second. In the learning of appreciation, the emotional and intellectual experience is achieved by training students to have a sense of listening.
Third. The successful class of music appreciation depends on the systematic method of teaching. therefore, it is important for the teachers to make good examples of listening class after arranging the content of learning systematically in order to help students understand better.
fourth. The elements that the teachers must regard them as important in the systematic guidance of appreciation learning and are needed during preperation in advance are the selection of the certain type of music, successive class related to subject, the concoptual approach of method, the level of learning, the visual effect, progressive activity and evaluation.
fifth. The process of teaching in appreciation learning is presented systematically; Preparation → First Impression → Description → Analysis → Interpretation → Gathering Background and Information → Informed Judgement.
I am expecting that the teachers can have more effective classes of music appreciation for the students after using these systematic guidance of teaching and the direction of the education in music appreciation which are indicated above.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Efficient Teaching Method of Music Appreciation for Middle School Students
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Lim Jin Ah
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 음악교육
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2010. 2
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. 서 론 1
1. 연구의 필요성 및 목적…………………………………1
2. 연구의 내용 및 방법……………………………………3

Ⅱ. 효율적인 음악감상 지도방안 4
제1장 음악감상의 의의및 필요성……………………… 4
제2장 중학생 성장 특징 및 감상교육의 필요성 ………9
제3장 감상 지도 내용 및 수업의 단계 ……………… 12
제4장 효율적인 감상수업의 모형 …………………… 20

Ⅲ. 결 론 34

참 고 문 헌 37
임진아. (2009). 중학교 음악감상 교육의 효율적인 지도방안 연구
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