중학교 미술교육에 있어서 확장된 소묘지도 방안 연구

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Recent admissions of art colleges in Korea showed us that public and cram schools tried to change the way of art education focused on creativity. The course instruction on textbooks and the guidelines of cram schools proved that they concentrated on connectivities of each actual exercises with motive rather than drawing theories. However, the education system of Korea does not have the appropriate strategy yet, so the course instruction of Korea does not present big differences comparing with past course contents. A middle school period is the most important period of human's life because the feeling and mood of a human shows drastic changes. Thus, I suggested that the course division and teachers concern the art education related with students' emotion and the contents actually needed by students. The education of drawing on middle school should be the one can help students find the internal beauty of the objects and express its reality and vitality rather than just reappear them. For those reasons, a dessin is the basic course of the art education and it should be continued until the students be professional artists.
I reviewed seven textbooks of middle school course and studied the methods of some expanded drawing education on current trend. First, I stated the necessity and the purpose of the drawing instruction on Korean middle school education. Second, I reviewed the references and presented the concept and characteristic of a dessin to understand it. Third, I examined the textbooks to discover current state of a drawing education in Korea and its difficulties and to find some expanded drawing teaching methods. Forth, I searched the present issues of the drawing education and its weaknesses and proposed the solution of the problem with effective ways.
The teachers of middle schools will be asked to help students to express the objects not in abstract way but in natural way on their drawing classes. Thus, the teachers will support a lot of vidual aids and teach a great deal of drawing ways, so the students will can express their own artistic world without burden.
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A Study of Elaborated Drawing Instructions on a Middle School Art Education
Alternative Author(s)
Choi, ga eun
교육대학원 미술교육
Awarded Date
2010. 2
Table Of Contents

Ⅰ. 서 론 1
1. 연구의 목적 및 필요성 1
2. 연구의 방법과 내용 2

Ⅱ.중학교 미술교육에서 소묘의 이해 3
1. 소묘의 개념 및 의의 3
가. 소묘의 개념 3
나. 소묘의 교육적 가치 6
2. 중학교 소묘 교육의 현황 10
가. 소묘 내용 분석 10
나. 중학교 소묘 교육의 개선방향 15
1) 중학교 소묘교육의 현황 15
2) 개선방향 19

Ⅲ. 소묘 지도 방안 22
1. 확장된 소묘지도 방안 22
가. 흥미 유발을 고려한 소묘지도 23
나. 자기표현을 위한 소묘지도 25
다. 다양한 표현방법을 통한 소묘지도 27
2. 구체적인 수업 지도안 30
가. ICT를 활용한 소묘 개념의 이해 30
나. 다양한 표현방법을 통한 표현 33
다. 쉽게 이해되는 입체 35
라. 컴퓨터를 이용한 소묘 38
마. 지워가며 배우는 명암 표현 41
바. 자동기술법을 활용한 창의력 표현 44

Ⅳ. 결론 47

참고문헌 49
최가은. (2009). 중학교 미술교육에 있어서 확장된 소묘지도 방안 연구
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