디지털사진 이미지를 활용한 중학교 미술수업 지도방안 연구

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Teaching methods secondary art education using image of digital picture

Lee Myung-Jin
Advisor : Prof. Ik-Mo Kim
Major in Fine Arts Education
Graduate School of Education, Chosun University

The goal of this study is to find and suggest the efficient teaching methods of art. The way that our research used is as follows.
First, by collecting and arranging books and papers and studying the concept of digital era, we will find out the feature of digital picture. Second, the socioculture and features of digital age as well as the creative expression and usage of media to modern art will be handled.
Third, meaning, role, teaching direction of the amendment of 7th secondary art curriculum and using digital picture are to be suggested.
Fourth, Through questionaire, the need of art class teacher-learning media using digital picture image will be illicited.
Fifth, based on the results, by proposing the teaching method of applying digital picture image creative teaching method will be suggested. The fact that the research findings about the contents and method of study like above will be utilized to analyze curriculum and the point that the field of visual culture environment, motion picture newly appeared leads to the conclusion that it is easy to teach art class using digital picture as the connection to many fields of education which is extensive and comprehensive many other fields. Results of basic research on learners are as follows.
First, using digital camera or computer help learners to participate class regarding interest and attention.
Second, introducing current media program to the positive opinion of students who are trying to use photoshop program will make students confident at artistic thinking and formative principal.
On the basis of results of this study, we try to emphasize that using digital picture image to the sphere of art education is necessary and propose this class teaching method.
Alternative Title
Teaching methods of secondary art education using image of digital picture
Alternative Author(s)
Lee,Myung jin
교육대학원 미술교육
Awarded Date
2010. 2
Table Of Contents
목 차

제1장 서론······························································1
제1절 연구의 필요성 및 목적·································1
제2절 연구의 내용 및 방법·····································3
제2장 이론적 배경·················································5
제1절 디지털시대와 미술의 변화·····························5
1. 디지털과 디지털매체의 특징·······························5
2. 과학기술발달과 미술의 관계·······························15
3. 디지털시대의 미술의 변화··································19
제2절 디지털사진 이미지 활용의 교육적 의의·········22
1. 제7차 중학교 미술 교육과정 개정안의 분석··········22
2. 디지털사진이미지 활용의 연계성·························29
제3장 디지털사진이미지를 활용한 표현학습 실제·············31
제1절 실태조사 및 문제분석···································31
1. 연구절차 및 분석방법········································31
2. 연구결과 및 필요성···········································32
제2절 디지털사진이미지를 활용한 미술수업 지도 계획··38
1. 교수_학습 수업모형 예시 ··································39
제4장 디지털사진 이미지를 활용한 미술수업 지도방안·············59
제5장 결론 및 제언···············································66
이명진. (2009). 디지털사진 이미지를 활용한 중학교 미술수업 지도방안 연구
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