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A Study on Aspect of the Desires in Un-young-jeon's

Park hyun-ok
Advisor: Prof. Kim soo jung Ph.D.
Major in Korean Language Education
Graduate School of Education, Chosun University

This study aims to speculate the aspects of desires according to the characters in Unyoungjeon, a tragic love story written in the 17th century. Joseon period when this story was created was controlled by Confucian ideologies, oppressed desires of the people and compelled them to follow main stream. The subjects in this story pursued their desires though they were in continuous conflicts and disunion according to violent drives of their desires caused by lack of satisfaction.
This study is summarized as follows:
Chapter 1 identifies the purposes and method of the study. Chapter 2 tries to understand the chronological condition of Joseon period when Unyoungjeon was created. In the 17th century, Joseon had two wars named Imjinweran and Byeongjahoran through which Confucian governing ideology which was a base of governing the people was reinforced and doubts and reflection on it appeared.
This study is to examine various desires of the subjects revealed under two-prong governing ideology. For the purposes, this study analysed the inclinations of the subjects in the story in aspects of resistance and compliance under the Confucian governing ideology.
Chapter 3 identified what aspects the desires show according to inclinations of the subjects categorized in Chapter 2 in terms of Confucian governing ideology. This study focused on Unyoung who was progressive in establishment of female identity in history of our ancient literature and Anpyeongdaegun who reflected progressive aspect of the gentry. And we analysed Kimjinsa and Yuyoung who perceived the contradiction of Confucian governing ideology but could not resist against it as subjects of limits. This study analysed Teuk who was isolated from Confucian ruling ideology because of his limitation in social status, focusing on his destructive desires.
In conclusion, it organized characters' desires and presumed internal desires the author intended to address through creation of . The author of this story is unknown, but this study speculated his internal desires to present through Unyoungjeon. He desired the society in which humanity was recognized through Unyoung and reflected a tragedy of lost bases of reality through Kimjinsa and Yuyoung. He attributed such tragedy to changes in reality and social contradiction. The author desired economic and social stability as a literary person in the society where Confucian social order dominated while he desired an escape from the society where humanity was lost.
This study found that the subjects of Unyoungjeon resisted against lack of humanity through inferring desires of subjects and the author. That is, that the subjects in the story felt deficit in reality and continued to pursue for satisfaction of their desires shows how much pursuit of human life that realizes desires is important. And this study confirms human will that humanity is never hurt under any ruling ideologies or inhuman conditions.
Alternative Title
A Study on Aspect of the Desire in Un-yeong-jeon's
Alternative Author(s)
Park Hyun Ok
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 국어교육
Awarded Date
2009. 8
Table Of Contents
목 차


Ⅰ. 서론
1. 연구목적 및 방법 -----------------------------------1
2. 연구사 검토 ---------------------------------------3
3 Ⅱ. 시대적 상황과 인물들의 욕망 체계
1. 창작 당시의 시대적 상황 ------------------7
2. 성리학적 지배질서와 인물들의 욕망 체계-------------10
Ⅲ. 등장인물의 욕망현시 양상
1. 운영, 想像的 主體의 未洽 --------------------------16
1) 자아에 대한 각성과 상상적 주체 추구의 욕망---------16
2) 주체의 인식 미달과 타자에의 종속-------------------24
2. 김진사와 유영, 脫象徵向想像的 主體------------------28
1) 상상속의 대타자에 대한 욕망-----------------------28
2) 주체의 결핍으로 인한 도피의 욕망------------------34
3. 안평대군, 象徵的 主體의 彷徨 -----------------------40
1) 왜곡된 정치적 욕망 -------------------------------40
2) 이상세계 건설에의 욕망과 좌절 --------------------44
4. 특, 前象徵的 主體의 復讐---------------------------49
1) 트릭에 의한 보상 추구의 욕망----------------------49
2) 파괴적 욕망 -------------------------------------54
Ⅳ. 결론 ---------------------------------------------58

참고문헌 --------------------------------------------62
조선대학교 대학원
박현옥. (2009). 에 나타난 욕망현시 양상
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