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A study of VP-Preposing in English

Sun, Hyun-Jin
Advisor : Prof. Ko-Hee Lee, Ph. D.
Major in English Language Education
Graduate School of Education, Chosun University

The purpose of this thesis is to describe and analyze the phenomena of Verb Phrase Preposing(VPP) in English and VPP can be explained with syntax and pragmatics.
First of all, VPP usually shows main clause phenomena from a syntactic point of view. It often occurs in the main clause of a sentence, not subordinate. Secondly, VPP follows Explicitness Condition. It means that the preceding clause must have the same verb with the following verb in VPP. Even though the two verbs are different in form, they can be accepted if they have the same morphological root. Finally, it is discussed that the element outside VP can be preposed with the VP together.
An analysis of a corpus of VPP data shows that VPP serves two major functions in discourse. First of all, it affirms a speaker's belief in a salient proposition by obviously stimulated in the prior discourse. There are three kinds of Proposition Affirmation. One is Independent Proposition Affirmation. It confirms a proposition that is neither semantically entailed by nor presupposed in the prior discourse. Another is Concessive Affirmation. It asserts a proposition that stands in rhetorical opposition to another proposition conceded in the prior discourse. Scalar Affirmation is the last one. It affirms a proposition whose predicate is construable as a scale upon which the subject represents a high value. Secondly, VPP suspends the speaker's belief in a clearly aroused and salient proposition. It is called Proposition Suspension. The connective 'if' usually serves an important function in the Proposition Suspension. Thirdly, it is supposed that VPP is a kind of verbal anaphora. It assumes that the domain of VPP can be extended to the preceding three clauses. Fourthly, it is investigated tense, modals, and aspect in VPP. Finally, it is discussed that Noun Phrase Preposing and Adjective Phrase Preposing can be explained as VPP and which points between VPP and So-Preposing have in common, and yet are different.
Alternative Title
A study of VP-Preposing in English
Alternative Author(s)
Sun, Hyun Jin
조선대학교 교육대학원 영어교육전공
교육대학원 영어교육
이고희 교수님
Awarded Date
2009. 8
Table Of Contents
목 차

1. 서 론 1

2. 동사구 전치의 통사적 특성 3
2.1 주절현상 3
2.2 명시성 조건 7
2.3 동사구 전치와 VAR 전치 11
2.4 요 약 12

3. 동사구 전치의 담화-화용론적 특성 15
3.1 명제확인 15
3.2 명제유보 21
3.3 동사구 전치와 조응범주 22
3.4 동사구 전치와 시제, 상(aspect), 서법조동사 25
3.5 동사구 전치와 다른 전치들간의 관계 27
3.6 요 약 31

4. 결 론 33

참 고 문 헌 35
조선대학교 교육대학원
선현진. (2009). 동사구 전치에 관한 연구
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