고등학교 사회교과서의 사회문제영역에 관한 연구: 7차 교육과정을 중심으로

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In our modern societies, the aspects of big social changes including globalization, informatization, and opening is appearing, and our societies changing rapidly bring about various social problems , and by extension, we are face international problems. In the condition of that, the importance of social studies are being emphasized for the sake of cultivating democratic citizens equipped with the ability of rational decisions on the basis of moderate understanding about social problems and analytic ability.
Accordingly, this study plan to analyze the patterns of social problems in social changes , understand whether textbooks on social studies properly reflect modernly social problems, search the problems and improvements through analyzing data application for effective understanding about social problems, and finally, plans to suggest the developmental direction of the textbook of social study.
Fist of all, for analyzing the division related to social problems in high school social studies textbooks, as the result of classifying social problems printed in textbooks into types and analyzing relative importance, problems related to the quality of life are presented most except for the rest social problems of types , and the problems of social structure, the problems of Korean specialty, and the problems of families and generations are mentioned in order. In the social problems related to the quality of life, environmental problems are presented much, while the problems related to families and generations lack in contents. Second, the seventh educational course applied to the practical curriculum in 2001, and it applied to the first- grade students of high school , so as the result of analyzing whether textbooks on social studies reflected social problems properly through the data of people's attitude surveys to social problems from 1999 to 2001, textbooks on social studies moderately reflected economical problems of unemployment and price stability, the problems of values due to social changes, and social problems due to informatization, while they couldn't moderately reflect the problems related to irregularities and corruption as the Korean special problem and juvenile problems including school violence. Third, In case of data application, mainly pictures were used most, and graphs and illustrations followed them. The application of news items was insufficient.
According these analysis results, we know that high school social study textbooks lack in increasing critically contemplative faculty and rationally decisive ability to social problems for students. Accordingly, the improvements of textbooks on social studies on the basis of research results are as follows.
First, because social problems does not appear in some specific divisions, but in various divisions, and we can tend to neglect the rest social problems by emphasizing specific problems, it is necessary to broaden the importance of divisions related to social problems in order to compose the contents of social problems.
Second, it is necessary that the contents of social problems should suggest the real conditions and problems of our society based on reality and actuality.
Third, It is necessary to understand social problems moderately , to cultivate the problem-solving ability of social problems through properly using data for the sake of correct understanding to social problems and additionally composing data and news items equipped with reality.
Forth, our societies keep changing, while the composition and contents of textbooks can't change till another educational course appears. So in case of the education of social studies, especially, education related to social problems , important education, has the limit of lacking in reality. In order to overcome this limit, it is necessary to try to reconstruct contents through teachers' reflecting idea in practical classes.
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A study on the division of social problems in high school social study text books: Based on the seventh educational courses
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Jung, Hye Jung
조선대학교 교육대학원
교육대학원 일반사회교육
Awarded Date
2009. 8
Table Of Contents
목 차

제 1 장 서론 1
제1절 연구의 목적 1
제2절 연구의 범위와 방법 2

제 2 장 이론적 배경 4
제1절 사회과 교육 4
1. 의의 4
2. 목표와 내용 4
제2절 사회문제 8
1. 사회문제의 정의 8
2. 사회문제의 이론적 접근 9
3. 사회문제의 분류 14
제3절 사회과 교육과 사회문제 17
제4절 한국 사회의 주요 사회문제 19

제 3 장 사회과 교과서의 분석틀 30
제1절 분석대상 및 범위 30
제2절 분석기준 및 분석방법 31

제 4 장 고등학교 사회교과서 사회문제 영역분석 34
제1절 사회교과서 A 34
1. 사회문제 내용분석 34
2. 자료 활용도 분석 38
3. 현실 반영도 분석 40
제2절 사회교과서 B 41
1. 사회문제 내용분석 41
2. 자료 활용도 분석 45
3. 현실 반영도 분석 47
제3절 분석결과에 대한 논의 48
1. 사회문제 내용 48
2. 자료 활용도 50
3. 현실 반영도 54

제 5 장 결 론 56
제1절 연구결과 요약 56
제2절 연구결과 제언 58

참고문헌 60
조선대학교 교육대학원
정혜정. (2009). 고등학교 사회교과서의 사회문제영역에 관한 연구: 7차 교육과정을 중심으로
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