클래식 음악의 대중화를 위한 청소년 음악감상의 효과적인 지도에 관한 연구 :중학생을 중심으로

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Music is life itself which can not be separated from human being. We live listening to music in everyday life, and the music have a great many effects on our human life in our emotional and aesthetic aspect. Listening to music is the most basic field of music. Hears the sound which is various, searches, the chance which discusses leads and a musical sensibility must raise, all abilities are the musical activity must be emphasized from the school.
The purpose of this research is to introduce classical music used for various culture in school musical class and to apply the developed learning method to the musical education class so that it may be both suitable for learners' emotion and interesting along with the recognition of the importance in school musical education. Through questionaries found that students' interest in classical music was a considerable amount, and this outcome shows that if we help learners to appreciate through classical musics for motivation used mass media, musical class will be surely interesting and comprehensible alike.
The object of this research is to develop an effective learning strategy which enables music teachers to apply the classical music appreciation for motivation to their practical musical classes. The following is the outline of this research.
First, through the recognition of the goal in school music appreciation education, adolescent students' recognition about the importance of classical music appreciation education was investigated.
Second, characterizes the musical development of middle school students and how they are affecting adolescent students were investigated.
Third, this cultivating a proper musical sensibility with base, presented the appreciation method which causes the motivation with the teaching method which the music appreciation education for is effective.
All on meantime to perform specially uniform and it improves the method of rain systematic sentimental study and it presents the model of a concrete and level study map with to find teaching method where the many teachers are like this, it will be able to apply from actual education field in order, it researched.
Fourth, it examined the musical environment of adolescent students and the question data for and the total 10 question items, a question and a problem point and it researched it drew up it executed it analyzed the research which tries to present a plan it completed.
The result of this research shows that music appreciation which causes the motivation is to develop learners' musical potential and creativity, to encourage them to express their feelings and thoughts through music, and to improve the standard of life and to make each adolescent student to be a whole man.
In order to accomplish this goal, a new kind of musical education must be developed and introduced, so that it can be appropriate to adolescent learners' level considering their emotions and can stimulate their interest rather than the established teaching methods must be kept.
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A study on the effective teaching of adolescents' music appreciation for the popularization of classical music : Focused on middle school students
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Baek, Young Mi
교육대학원 음악교육
교육대학원 음악교육
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2009. 2
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제1장 서론 1

제1절 연구의 목적 및 필요성 1
제2절 연구의 방법 및 범위 2

제2장 이론적 배경 3

제1절 음악감상 교육의 의의 3
제2절 음악감상 지도의 목표 4
제3절 음악감상 방법 및 지도 내용 5
제4절 청소년의 성장특징과 감상교육의 필요성 6

제3장 동기유발을 통한 음악감상 10

제1절 시청각 감상지도방안 11
제2절 소재활용을 통한 감상지도방안 21

제4장 설문 조사 및 결과 분석 27

제5장 결론 32

백승유. (2008). 클래식 음악의 대중화를 위한 청소년 음악감상의 효과적인 지도에 관한 연구 :중학생을 중심으로
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