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A Study on the Progressive in English

Hye Shin Goo
Advisor : Prof. Nam-Guen Lee Ph. D.
Major in English Language Education
Graduate School of Education,
Chosun University

The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the syntactic, semantic, pragmatic meaning and function of English progressive forms which are treated as a verbal category. For this purpose, the preceeding studies, including these on meaning, usage and aspectual qualities are examined.
The contents of this thesis are as follows;
In chapter 2, existing theories are examined. First of all. Jespersen treated the progressive form as a expanded tense and identified its most functions as a temporal frame encompassing something else. Leech suggested the conceptions of duration, limited duration and incompletion. Palmer suggested that the meaning of progressive represents duration. Comrie explained the conceptual differences of tense and apsect. Qurick et al. treated the progressive form as an aspect, classifying meaning.
In chapter 3, to help understand the progressive, I analyze the progressive in syntactic, semantic and pragmatic way. First of all. in syntactic sense, the progressive features <+progressive>. And the verbal including<+action> could form the progressive. And then in semantic way, various meanings of the progressive exist in English grammar. However, in the thesis I investigate progressive's meaning of perceptible evident, limited duration, experientiality and staitivity. Of course, there are many problems on those meanings. At last, I study for pragmatic meaning of progressive. To do so, I compare present tense with present progressive and find many overtones related to progressive which cause evitable problems.
In conclusion, I wish much more investigation for English progressive is needed to clear the meaning and function of progressive.
Alternative Title
A Study on the Progressive in English
Alternative Author(s)
Goo Hye Shin
교욱대학원 영어교육
교육대학원 영어교육
Awarded Date
2009. 2
Table Of Contents
목 차

제 1장. 서론 1

제 2장. 진행형의 선행연구 3
2.1 Jespersen의 이론 3
2.2 Leech의 이론 5
2.3 Palmer의 이론 6
2.4 Comrie의 이론 7
2.5 Qurick et al.의 이론 9

제 3장. 영어진행형분석 12
3.1 통사적 분석 12
3.2 의미적 분석 18
3.2.1 지각가능한 증거 18
3.2.2 제한된 지속성 20
3.2.3 경험성 21
3.2.4 상태성 22
3.3 화용적 분석 24
3.3.1 질책성 25
3.3.2 불신 27
3.3.3 일시성 29
3.4 요약 및 문제점 31

제 4장. 결론 35
참고문헌 37
구혜신. (2008). 영어 진행형에 관한 연구
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