고등학교 가창기도에 관한 연구:태성교과서에 수록된 가창곡을 중심으로

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Study for singing of teaching in High school
-with published songs in Tae-Sung text book-

Eun-Ji Park
Advisor : Prof. Han-na Lee
Major in Music Education
Graduate School of Education, Chosun University

As an area where we can experience its esthetic value, the vocalism plays an important role in music education. In this thesis, we seek to fine effective pedagogic methods of vocal music, namely Italian, Germany and Korean folk songs and Korean popular songs in the Tea-Sung a music text book.
In Chapter 2, we illustrate basic techniques of singing such as posture, breathing, resonance, and vocalization. We explain postures with standing and sitting, breathing with abdominal respiration, cavities of resonance and vocalization of right and easy way to sound.
In chapter 3, we study of pedagogic methods of Italian, Germany, Korean folk songs and Korean popular song in the Tea-Sung. First, we focus on clarifying the pronunciation difference between Italians and Roman alphabets by reviewing Italian songs such as 'Caro mio ben' and 'Torna a Sorrento'. Second, we study German songs, namely 'An die Musik' and 'Ich liebe dich' and show that the German pronunciation is the same as Italian excent German vowel. In the thesis, we include a list of pronunciation that requires special attention. Third, we study staccato and tercet techniques through a Korean folk titled 'River in my mind and Missing the Mt. Geungang' Since Korean folk songs are considered less interesting and difficult to learn, we propose to use multi-media to overcome such challenges, Finally, we study songs with rhythmic variations usinf Korean pop songs such as 'Yesterday' and 'Memory'. The audio/video material that was popular when those songs were released is used to increase the familiarity of these songs in class.
We believe that these proposed methods will significantly incease the class participation and thus, sudunts will have more opportunity of experiencing the esthetic values of the vocal classes.
Alternative Title
Study for singing of teaching in High school:with published songs in Tae-Sung text book
Alternative Author(s)
Park, Eun Ji
교육대학원 음악교육
교육대학원 음악교육
Awarded Date
2009. 2
Table Of Contents
목 차
제 1장 서 론 1
제 1절 연구의 필요성 및 목적 1
제 2절 연구의 방법 및 제한점 3

제 2장 가창 지도법 5
제 1절 자세 5
제 2절 호흡법 8
제 3절 공명법 10
제 4절 발성법 11

제 3장 고등학교 가창곡 연구: 태성출판사의 음악교과서를 중심으 로 13
제 1절 고등학교 8종교과서의 가창곡 빈도수 조사 13
제 2절 태성출판사의 음악교과서 가창곡 분석 16
제 3절 태성 음악교과서의 가창곡 지도법 19
1. 이탈리아 가곡의 지도내용 19
2. 독일가곡의 지도내용 34
3. 한국가곡의 지도내용 48
4. 대중가요의 지도내용 63
제 4절 타 논문과 비교 연구 72
제 4장 결 론 74
참고 문헌
박은지. (2008). 고등학교 가창기도에 관한 연구:태성교과서에 수록된 가창곡을 중심으로
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